10 Essential Footwear For Summer


Summer brings a lot of sweat and exertion, but it also brings freedom to wear what we like and feel like. Footwears are as essential as clothes. They speak louder than words about our mood and personality. This summer let your inner-self spark out with a vision.

There are just too many of them to ignore. Our handpicked items will suit your style and will go with your personality. Some footwears that will fit into your budget and will accentuate your looks. Starting from evening wear sandals to casual shoes, we have selected one item for every occasion. It’s time to unbox the box of joy, let’s get started and get ready to roll.

1. Platform heels


These types of sandals are a must-have for summer. They look elegant and are extremely comfortable to wear. Whatever outfit you have chosen to go out with, platform heels and wedges can go very well with it. Whether it’s a pair of short skirt or ankle length loose cotton pants for your office, pair it up with sleek platform heels and you are good to go. They are a perfect for your date night too.

2. Sandals with a covered top for the perfect date night


You will not see many women flaunting this stylish pair of sandals, but they do wonders for your looks. If you are thinking about dressing in style this summer, then think about sandals with a covered top. You can choose to wear heels or flats as per your choice, but they are a must-have for this season. Go out shopping with your friends or for the evening get together, pair your look with covered top sandals making every eye-catcher jealous.

3. Kitten heel sandals


Kitten heel sandals can never go out of style. This cute looking footwear is another must-have for this hot season. Kitten heel sandals are perfect for a girl get-together. Wear a nice flowing dress and pair it up with a cute kitten heel. That’s all you need to do to look elegant and charming.

4. Flat sandals


Now, who doesn’t like to feel light on a hot summer day? Well, everyone of us. Nothing feels as comfortable as them for sure. Take out all our t-shirts and crop tops, because it’s summer baby! And it’s time to look and feel comfortable. Don’t just have one single pair of flat sandals, have many of them and you can buy them from Bata today at a much-discounted rate using Bata coupons. Flat sandals are not costly at all and the more you have them the better it is for you.

5. The squared heel is in style


When you are in a mood to feel light yet stylish then choose squared heel. They give you a very light yet fashionable look. You can wear them on various occasion, be it a casual outing or for a party. They go with almost every occasion. There are so many colours and style to choose from.

6. Beach sandals


These sandals are for everyone who wants to look fashionable even on the beaches. They are absolutely flat and free-flowing. No expensive texture, no heels and without and free from unnecessary accessories. Beach sandals are in a lot of demand these days and are best to have for this season.

7. Sporty sandals


Another footwear style that is in fashion nowadays is the sporty sandals. This style is perfect for those who like to flare sporty look with fashion and style. For people who love to stay fit, this is the perfect trend for them. Sandals have always been comfortable and sporty sandals just increase comfort to the top notch.

8. Sandals for your evening affair


We are blessed that we have so many stylish fashionable sandals designed for each occasion. Another good reason to load our shoe rack with few more sandals. That’s why you need metroshoes coupons, which will let you buy as many shoes and sandals you like while spending as less as you can. Get ready for your evening party with a dazzling hot black dress and a pair of evening sandals. You should have at least a couple of them.

9. Stilettos


Women who love themselves know the real impact of stilettos. They make your legs look taller and sharper. Stilettos are perfect for every party you are planning to attend. Make sure to fill your shoe rack with them. You can spark the dance floor with them for sure.

10. Laced sandals


Last but definitely not the list, add a few pairs of laced sandals to your shoe rack as well. They are hot and new in fashion. They are stylish and funky all at the same time. It’s time to set the trend so heat it up with a good pair of lace sandals.

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