2017 Health Action Plan


There is no workout, dietary supplement, medicinal pill or a training module that is the key to achieving optimal performance. Let 2017 be a year where you break free from the world of gimmicks and define a true healthier you.

  1. Stick to basics

Everything that glitters is not gold. For a common man simply looking to lose weight embracing basics is more than sufficient to achieve a goal. Forget the fad, stick to home cooked food and add plenty of fruits and vegetables; jobs done you are home. The micro-nutrients of a diet only come into consideration when we train for a specific set of routine or a sport.

  1. Move

The best workout routine you can adopt today is GET UP>>MOVE>>SWEAT>>REPEAT. Aim to include physical exercises in your day to day lifestyle to maintain overall health and keep diseases at bay.

  1. Quit Smoking

Not only for Health but also to save in your medicinal bills. Smoking Causes Cancer, you have supported the tobacco farmer enough its time you care for yourself and your family. Identify smoking triggers and make sure to have an action plan to combat it. Nicotine habits are not picked up overnight so don’t expect to go COLD TURKEY on them overnight.

  1. Stress Less

We all want to achieve more in life may it be at the professional front or with our families or for our relationships. Gratitude has been shown to lower stress, which prevents many other physical and mental consequences. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what you want to achieve, try expressing gratitude for where you are right now.

  1. Goals\Dreams??

It’s time to be realistic. Set goals which are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely. I will not eat heavy is a different goal from I will not eat fried. Setting realistic and smart goals helps you measure performance and stay in tune with the progress.

  1. Connect and Learn

We all connect at drinks and have our preferential post 6 group circle. Why not have a 6a.m. friend circle? Building a community of people who can help you through life’s ups and downs is a vital step towards happiness and good health. Invest in relationships that provide encouragement and accountability to both parties.

  1. Check-Ups

It’s no harm knowing what’s deficient or abundant in your body. With a 13 year sports experience I hit a career threatening injury when I was diagnosed with almost nil levels of vitamin D3. Many Medical conditions can be easily corrected with preventive screenings and immunizations.



Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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