4 Reasons ABS are still a dream for you

Spending Hours in gym, working harder with each passing day and still not ready with the Spartan look? You are probably making one of the mistakes listed below. It’s time to re-think, plan and hit the nail hard.

The majority of people who walk down the gym aisle hope to replicate the physique showcased in Hollywood movie 300. An average individual spends hours in the gym crunching his way to see those flatten surfer board nodes, but they end up nowhere to be seen.

The following article enlists few of the possible things you are neglecting or doing wrong in your drive to attain that Chiseled core.

  1. Body Fat

No way hope to see those abdominal until your body fat percentage is less or equal to ten percent. Carrying excessive timber around your core; it’s better you stick to a fat burning routine rather than a new abdominal workout routine. Exercise can supplement the growth provided the diet is clean. It’s imperative to understand more than 70% of the things in any fitness regime pen down to Diet.

  1. Train Smart

98,99,100. Gosh!!!  u can hear this….

If that’s what your count looks on crunches and sit-ups you are probably compressing your muscle rather than growing. The diversity of exercises is critical to get rid of stubborn body fat and make every muscle in the abdominal section pop-up. While crunches do help to flex the rectus abdominous (six pack) it is literally ineffective for the oblique’s. So the routine you are probably doing is ineffective for majority muscle group. Vary workout with Sit-Ups, Planks, Dead-lift, TRX Cable and Stability Ball workouts.

  1. Rest

Beach Holiday in coming days; i will walk out like Daniel Craig of CASINO ROYALE. Rome was not built in a day. While the Chinese might claim to build a Tower in Hours, they surely cant build natural abdominal in one day.

The bulge on the belly took years to combine and become significant, give84VcL0XP it time. Working out heavy and taking little rest might create a situation where you feel lethargic, stressed and exhausted always. Those early morning runs will end up being a waste of time if you eventually end up stressed and exhausted. Our Muscles Grow when we rest; so you are biologically better equipped for those six pack abs if you press the “SLEEP” button as per requirement.

  1. Train the best you can

It’s not a cakewalk; you need to train and train hard.  As an instructor, I often come across individuals who do 500 repetitions on crunches. Abdominal like any other group is a muscle and has to be trained in a similar manner. So if a bench press is done in repetitions of 15/20, so should be the case of abdominal muscles. Try increasing the weight or intensity every time you perform an exercise just like you do for any other muscle group. Six pack abdominal muscle is not easy and you have to understand the value of training for that. Training hard and leaving no stone unturned should be your vision when it comes to the desired mid-section.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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Abdominal Workout with Manu Arora

Cover Picture: Mr. Haresh Varanjani (https://www.facebook.com/haresh.varanjani)


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