5 Fitness Supplements for your Daily Routine


We are different, and so are our nutritional needs. While in an ideal world we would get all our nutrition from rich whole foods we eat-but reality is far from salads and sushi’s. Special Dietary needs, time of the year, health conditions, seasonality, demographic constraints; you might often see yourself lacking on the optimum nutrition part.

When It comes to health and well-being, we can’t underestimate the importance of adequate supplementation. Fitness supplements work great alongside food to fill nutritional voids from diet.  Your ideal supplementation blueprint is as unique as your DNA.

Among this huge list of Fitness supplements, a few clearly stand out the rest. Here is my list of 5 top supplements for you to include in your regular diet along with recommendations on where to find them.

Vitamin D : Desk Jockeys

Desk Jockeys, cube dweller; those who work for eternity in that closed chamber. If you are one ofthis category, you are most likely missing VITAMIN Sunshine.

Earth’s most prominent legal natural supplement, VITAMIN D is essential for calcium absorption in human body. Hard to find in foods, the vitamin is produced by human body when sunlight hits on it. The recommended daily intake of D is 600+ IU per day. Blame it to Global warming or Micro/Macro Pollutants, we have built a captain America shield in between Us and the Sun. Vitamin Sunshine deficiency has become an epidemic as nearly 75% of people living in cities are below the required level.

Where to find: A 3 ounce serving of salmon contains 447 IU, one cup of milk and egg, 120 IU & 40 IU respectively. Food alone just cannot fill the void of vitamin D deficiency in a sedentary lifestyle. Get your daily dose of greens in a convenient way. Scitec Nutrition Vita Greens and Fruits.

Fit For Life Individual: Protein

Living by Fitness and not taking a whey protein scoop daily, your results are compromised.

Protein: Simplest way to build muscles and shrink your recovery time. Protein is a crucial component for tissues in human body and plays vital role in metabolism, immunity, fluid balance and energy.  Whey protein is the most popular global food supplement and is pivotal in muscle repair and growth. Regular exercise stimulates muscle growth and causes tissue damage, which is repaired by protein.

The recommended daily allowance of protein is 0.8 grams per kilo pf body weight. If you are on a lethal bulking routine, spike it up to 1.5-3 grams per day.

Where to find:  In this big and booming protein market, Scietec Nutrition is your perfect go to bet. Offering a wide variety of products for all your daily nutritional and supplementation needs. manu arora and scitec nutrition

Vegetarians : Vitamin B12

Virtually non-existent in vegetarian and vegan foods.

Vitamin B12 does a lot for our body. It is needed to maintain a healthy nerve system, brain function

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and an optimum production of red blood cells. Even slightly lower than recommended levels of Vitamin B12 can trigger deficiency symptoms like Weakness, irritation, numbness, constipation, fatigue. If you don’t get up on Monday mornings after a 10-hour sleep, it’s something more than your Boss; it might be B12.

Where to Find: Vitamin B12 can be naturally found in animal products like fish, meat, egg and dairy. Not an Animal/Dairy person? Get your daily Vitamin B12 dose from a supplement pill.

Gluten free Gal: Magnesium

Gluten free girls

Off from wheat and its sister concerns for weight loss; you might be missing out on Magnesium.

What started as an essential for managing signs and symptoms of celiac disease has now become a popular modern-day weight loss diet. Whole grains are packed with magnesium, an essential mineral for bone and heart health. The daily dietary requirement for men and women between the age 19-30 is 400 and 310mg respectively.

Where to find: Magnesium is richest in seeds/nuts/grains/seafood and leafy vegetables. Since you are stripping yourself from Grain you should look at popping some pills.


To One and All : Multivitamins

Absolutely fantastic. Multivitamin should be part of your stapled diet, irrespective of the fact you are Usain Bolt or Couch Potato.

As the name implies a combination of various minerals and vitamins needed by the body, rolled up in an easy to swallow tablet. Multivitamins contain Vitamin C, B, A, B, E, K all in limited measures in the same supplement.  Not only these vitamins help boost immune system, but also helps in absorption of vital nutrients within the body.

Where to find: You can find it almost at every pharmacy store near your house. Relax, you dont need to run much for this. Buy Genuine Daily Vitamin.


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