5 Signs you need a break


Mundane routine, Nano-Manager, Bad Annual review, Promotions not happening; while these are also strong reasons for you to take a break, they are not pivotal to the thought.

Work, Social Media, Errands, Traffic. Repeat. Did I miss something in your life?

Its monsoon season, while the world is smiling with the showers, you have a helpless poker face.

You are stretched to limit like an elastic band. Anyone who comes in close vicinity is either going to get damaged physically verbally.

 Your conversations are losing the charm and are always about negatives.

Everything angers you. And you are waiting for the Avengers or DC’s to summon you.

You need a Holiday friend!!!

Here are 5 signs to tell you it’s time for you to fly: –

  1. Enthusiasm


Let’s be honest on this- what different you did in last 30 days. You walked into work, sent out a few emails, check your social media feeds every hour, grabbed a few drinks on Fridays, slept on  weekends and that’s it.

You walk in to work with a lack of enthusiasm which is overwhelming.

 If you moan and groan every time someone asks you a task to do, it’s time to call your travel advisor.

  1. Zero concentration

You were shopping household supplies on an e-commerce website and ended up making an impulsive purchase from a fancy link in your social media feed. It might sound absurd, but how did you end up here?

You got attention span of a Fly. It takes you minutes before you move back to your social media feeds, its time you travel.

  1. Anger


Someone might have crossed the line and zipped pass you through the traffic, or someone might have shared a wrong data over the email. But this by no means is a reason to fantasies about shooting point-blank.

If everything beyond order you encounter is making you angry, you need to put it under check.

  1. Unhealthy Habits

Food delivery guys know you by face. “Arre yeh un madam/sir ka hai jo 3rd floor par rehte hain”.  If food delivery and restaurant booking are you 2 most used applications after social media, you need to check it.

Extended lunches are a new norm, Friday evening extra drink is a new norm, Pizzas suddenly don’t look like sin, and an extra 10 hours sleep on weekend is nirvana; even your soul lacks the zest of life.

unhealthy eating

  1. Patience, Sorry Impatience 

In the last week you have forgotten your wallet, charger, food, wife/husband(aspirational), keys and what not.

You are impatient to recall even the last of memories and anything and everything that comes your way is about to meet Flash.

You are a disgrace to your peers.  

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!

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