5 Top Fitness Blogs To Turn 2019 Around

Top Fitness Blogs 2019

There are fewer more resources more reliable and relatable to the average fitness fanatic (or gym greenhorn) than the blog. Authoritative, insightful sources of information, advice, and answers to all the questions you’re likely to have, but from the viewpoint of others who are on their own fitness journey. There’s a lot to love about them and a lot of them to love. However, you want to only spend your time following the best of the best, so here are the top fitness blogs of 2019 to keep your eyes on.


For all the latest trends and products: MyFitnessPal

Besides developing one of the best nutrition apps on the market and hands down the best free one by a country mile, MyFitnessPal also has a blog in case you weren’t aware. For those who are always overhearing gym talk about this routine, this diet, or this product, it can be an invaluable source of a little scrutiny.

MyFitnessPal is one of the best overall fitness and health blogs around, but it does pay particular attention to trends, new fitness products, new diets, and the like. Follow it if you don’t like to feel uninformed about developments in the world of fitness.

For those sick of aches and pains: Dr. Lucas MD

It’s an issue that affects everyone who exercises, and one that has a lot of conflicting information bouncing back and forth. When you look for advice on pain online, it can be hard to parse out information that makes the necessary distinction between muscle pain and joint pain, good pain and seriously bad pain, and recovery vs. treatment.

Dr. Lucas MD is here to save us thanks to an ever-growing, but already quite a comprehensive blog all about pain and how to get relief for your joint, bone, muscle, and tendon pain. The good doctor brings the authority and the expertise much needed in the field, too, with plenty of scientific explanation behind the concepts he writes on.

For some serious motivation: Love Sweat Fitness

One of the best things about fitness blogs is that they give you a chance to step into the sweaty shoes (not literally, thankfully) of someone on their own fitness journey. When that someone happens to be as motivated, high-energy, and seemingly high on life as Katie Dunlop, it can have a profound effect on your own motivation levels as well.

All her workout tips, nutritional advice, and motivation methods come with an energy that just has the words jump on the page. Also, this post has plenty of male voices, so Love Sweat Fitness deserves even more love for providing a place for women to learn about fitness from an expert.


For Work-Life and Fitness: Commoncelebrity

Seeing the lighter side of things is always important.  Exercise can test your perseverance and your resolve in the long term, especially when you’re trying to fit it into a super busy schedule. So, you need a mindset that makes light of it from time to time and sees the positive side of it. Manu creates content that helps you manage presentations and push-ups while living with your perfect routine.

Gym humor is, to put is gently, terrible. We’ve all heard the jokes about skipping leg day and we’ve all heard “do you even lift” about a thousand times by now. Manu has a day job in a Media Firm and shares his experiences and habits while he moves on to manage his Professional and Personal lifestyle.

For the gains: Scooby’s Workshop

Finding advice on the best way to get into strength training on the internet isn’t difficult. Everyone has a take we have our own beginner’s guide to strength workouts worth checking out. In terms of trends, strength training is probably hotter than it has ever been, but it also means there’s a ton of misinformation out there.

Thank the gods for Scooby’s Workshop. Founded, run, and primarily written by veteran bodybuilder Scooby Werkstat, it shows not only how to build muscle but offers lifestyle tips on how to better maintain it. Still looking ripped at 54, that’s advice we would gladly take from him.

Are there any that we missed, any that you love above all else and have found to be one of the most useful sources of inspiration, information and community in your fitness journey? Good! Keep following them and keep supporting them. It’s the love of the readers that keep your favorite blogs going so don’t hesitate to lend that support.

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