5 ways to fit exercise in your super busy schedule


If you are someone who lives in the generation Y culture, you are probably spending majority of your time either to a confined desk or commute. Sure, you were in great shape in college.  But that was back when you had the time to spend hours in the gym, the resiliency of a teenager to bounce back. Fitting a health regime in this colossal game of Jenga can be tricky, which is why so many working professionals slowly get out of shape as they grow older in professional life.

Don’t let that be you!

Here are some tips that can help you stay fit while being on the go round the clock.

  1. Walk

It’s no science, doesn’t require any equipment or a fitness center and presents abundant opportunities to one and all who wishes to engage. It might be a 10-minute morning walk to get the groceries, walking around the office while talking on the phone, or even to the simplest thought of filling your water bottle from the dispenser. Invest some money on a wearable gadget, they help you monitor progress.


  1. Work out with Tribes

We as millennials crave for a sense of community, both online and offline. Finding someone with the same values and thoughts acts as a propeller force in our life. Interacting with others who are similar bandwidth helps stay motivated while keeping the engagement levels high.

  1. Workout at work

As life rolls up its sleeves we find it extremely difficult to make time for our personal lives. Employers nowadays are a lot more concerned about employee’s physical health as they were ever before. It’s no more something that happens on a weekend and is mailed across for the next 30 days. From fitness centers to mental wellness, the plethora of options being offered these days are humongous.


workout at work

  1. Prioritize exercise: Accept no Excuses

It is no more a game for athletes, in this era of sedentary lifestyle, Fitness must be inculcated as an integral part of life like Food and Sleep. Be selfish when it comes to Fitness regimes. Raise the bar on your Fitness thought and push it right up the ladder along with other things.

  1. Do what you can

Workout routine does not necessarily mean an hour spent at the gym or a game of Soccer early morning. If you don’t have time to Workout make any of the casual activities. you do into a workout. It may be taking your dog out for a walk, 20 minutes standing jog at home; the ways are many just the intent is needed.

Lets get started on your road of Fitness. Shout out to admin@commoncelebrity.com , you might just change your life completely.

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  1. Thanks for the information

  2. Honestly, I practically do not have free time, because I’m either busy with work, or with a house and children. Yes, I manage everything, although I am very surprised too :). I noticed that one sport is not enough. Proper nutrition is very important. I’m not on a diet, and I eat the right foods, and make it eat my family. My body is in good shape, because I understand that I need to work on myself.

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