7 Health hacks for Busy People


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e start our day before the sun rises, race with time to reach work before manager, and by the time we get settled our inbox is already flooded with emails. We are CORPORATE MILLENNIALS. This is the reality of  life for anyone and everyone working in a corporate environment, we are faced with what may seem as a never ending day. Our to do list is miles long, the meetings never finish, emails never stop, bosses are never satisfied (you can uncheck that), we are constantly strung on Java shots and by the time we reach home we are drained to the core. Including Health into this, and you load to shoot me in my head. 

When your schedule is this crazy adding a thing like Fitness/Health into it seems counterintuitive, but the truth is, small lifestyle changes can help scale up work performance exponentially. By simply supporting your body with healthy nourishment and fitness regime, you reap benefits like consistent energy, increased stamina, mental sharpness, stronger immune system and a strong body capable of tackling whatever comes its way.

[pullquote-right]Supercharge your productivity and take control of your busy life with these healthy hacks to stay on top of the work-life balance game.[/pullquote-right]

 Carry a Big Nutrition box

When you are always on the go, meals aren’t something that is always available when hunger strikes. To avoid a state of hunger that could lead to mindless confrontations with co-workers always carry a nutrient dense snack box while starting from home.

If you are going to be glued to a chair the for entire day you are going to come across times of boredom and stress, and those are the deadly moments when ready to eat high calorie snacks pave their way. Stash conveniently packaged single serving snacks in your work bag, office desk, even at your home; so that at times of desperation you have a healthy viable alternative handy. 

Pizza and Salad both get home deliveredHome delivery

No time to cook healthy meal is an excuse that had sanctity decade ago. Ordering Pizza or a Salad takes similar amount of time, what lacks is the will to eat latter.  If you can take a walk to the nearest McDonalds for a quick bite, you can also surely take a walk to the nearest salad bar.

No time to Workout: Try HIIT

In crunch days when time flies and the hours roll by too quickly and before you know it, gone is the time you had parked for workout. When the time slot of your workout window becomes squeezed, get the most of your workout routine with a High Intensity Interval Training. Instead of Going for an hour-long workout session with cardio, weight training, stress management go for a 15 minute high intensity run. HIIT workouts alternate between periods of moderate to high intensity to effectively burn fat, build muscle and endurance. Add to it you didn’t miss your regime which then becomes a habit.

Use technology for reminders

Hey Mate, Fitness needs Rule 76. I forgot to drink 8 glasses of water, forgot my hourly walk, forgot to eat my seeds, forgot to count calories; excuses like these are like 19th century opera. There is an application for anything and everything you want.

Simply Google “App for ___________” (whatever you need some extra support with), download, and set it up to your specifications. From Quit Smoking to Walk reminders there is an application and a wearable gadget for everything.


Sleep and Nutrition are equally important as work

With the busy schedule people live by in metro cities, it is almost impossible to find proper work-life balance. However, work-life balance is a journey with no destination; your performance at the annual presentation of the TV show lined up next week is directly proportional to your physical performance. A sluggish, tired person will not be able to display charm and spark on the day.

If you have got no time, the best healthy regime you can live by is eating Real Food and sleeping the required hours. This will keep your energy steady, brain sharp, blood sugar in check and maintain your mental fortitude.

You come First

You can only give full potential of your effort If you are at full potential. A wounded horse will never be able to win the race in real life situation, he might in Hogwarts or a Hollywood drama but not in real life.

It seems counterintuitive with a never ending list of presentations and meeting, a constantly disappointed boss; but the fact of the matter is you have to put yourself first because you are your only and best asset in life.   Without a focused mind, a strong healthy body, and steady energy, how can you do your job effectively?

At first, incorporating these healthy hacks into your busy life takes a little extra effort, but with consistency and practice, these hacks will soon turn into effortless habits, allowing you to tackle whatever your busy life throws at you with ease and confidence, knowing you’re operating at the highest potential of your capacity.

                                                                Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                         Happy Karma!!!

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