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This is something I have been asked a lot over time, so I thought why not share the updated version of my daily diet. I have posted my diet in the past however as our goal changes so does our diet. The journey shared last time was regarding foods I was consuming when I was cutting down for a chiseled core and now as we enter winters I have moved on to a clean and Fit diet. The diet might have changed but the core thought remains the same; it’s all about eating whole foods, staying as close to nature as much possible, and keeping it simple as eating need not be complicated or extreme.

Chicken SaladIt’s all about finding a balance in diet that helps me feel full, satisfied and energetic. I got to make space for uncalled for social gatherings, Friday evening Drinks, Sunday morning cheats and Saturday night rigorous Sports. As I work in a nine to five environment with stagnation all day long my weekly schedules are fixed and so are my eating times. For days when I am not on a clock routine I focus on eating when I am hungry and not on clock hours, I eat to feel satisfied not to feel full and to power my weekend long naps.

It’s all about

Eat Well-Feel Good


Round the year any season it may be, barring Sundays my day starts at 6am. I wake up to half a liter a lukewarm water with Apple Cider Vinegar/Half-Lemon/overnight soaked Cinnamon. Post Biological break I hit straight for my workout (Sports/Gym/Swimming) with 5 Almonds & Walnuts each.


Coffee is my antidote to sleep I treat as such and a pleasure I drool in every morning along with a whole wheat bread sandwich. The sandwich is grilled containing either microwaved eggs/cottage cheese, few veggies and my favorite mustard sauce. My only cooked day meal consists of health and Taste as per my mood.


Usually a Green tea along with sliced Seasonal vegetables/Fruits/Sprouts, Carrots, Cucumber, Indian Gooseberry(Amla) and a seasonal fruit. My simple 11 am snack.


A power packed lunch filled with home cooked food.

The vegetable box varies as per what is cooked at my place, a bowl of curd irrespective of what season we are in, a Chappati(Roti)/Brown Rice, A portion of high protein item either chicken/cottage cheese/Boiled vegetable box of Broccoli and beans and left-over veggies if any of last night.

PM Snack

Working in a corporate environment I get tired by this time. My lunch box is empty and famished me stares at the clock to tick past my day end time, tired with work it’s that time of the day I open my snack box and munch. The homemade snack box consists of Chickpeas, Puffed Rice, seeds. I munch along with my green tea till it’s time to wrap up the day.


Eating and exercising I indulge in I generally don’t feel empty or crave for sweet foods. What I have focused in the entire day is a clean diet that helps me stay productive and on the toes as a go getter. I have a limited budget to spend and I can’t ask my mother to cook separate meal for me at this time of the day. It’s nothing more than a bowl of vegetable whatsoever has been cooked at my place and a bowl of Curd (I love it).

After Dinner:Turmeric Milk

I have night time ritual my mother has grown me up with- Glass of hot milk with a spoon of Turmeric.

No matter how busy I am through the day or what is going on in life I naturally crash on to the bed by 10.30 flipping through News Channels/Novel Pages or watching A video online.

My hope is that by sharing how I eat in a day, you’ll feel more inspired towards optimal health and well-being for yourself. No matter where you’re at on your journey, eating natural whole foods and listening to your own body’s signals is a wonderful place to focus your energies.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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