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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ealthy living and Corporate lifestyle might seem mutually exclusive, but these tips might help you find a middle ground.

We look back nostalgically on the years gone by, and hope to strive a change in the coming year. This will be the year where I will focus on my passions, I will be an entrepreneur, I will become lean, I will get a new job, I will do this and that. The endless list of aspirations and reality are a far borne reality. As we go ahead with time the monumental goals we have created in mind seem to be a far reality-especially when they involve weight loss along with a Nine to Six job.

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It can be extremely difficult to maintain fitness goals in sync with a strenuous corporate lifestyle which involves us to be productive on the go even beyond shut down times. We got Family to take care off, Traffic to yell at, Bosses/Clients to disappoint, and an era where innovation is the only thing that can help us survive. I am not exceptionally chiseled like a MensHealth Model, but I have been in the past; plus, nor is that my profession neither a career goal.

While I was in my college I dropped pounds at my whims and fancies and sliced off every ounce of fat I could. Though I did focus on my diet but I had ample time to rest and workout throughout the day, but now times have changed. I should report at 9.30 on my desk, mix and match excel permutations and combinations till 6, and then drive my way back to home. So, what I am left is a period of 6 hours (excluding sleep) across the day to manage what all I can in life beyond work.

Before you look at fashion models for some fitness motivation and diet tips, please note you are not working in fashion industry, so inline your goals with reality. If your aim is a healthy lifestyle you don’t need to crunch your way till exhaustion every morning and then sleep at work.

You don’t set dates or schedules for Fitness.

if you wish to stay Healthy, it should be top in your priority list. I will do this tomorrow, this is my last beer, or this is the last pack of caramel before I get things correct. As your priorities shift you realize that even though you are claiming to be short of time to be healthy, you have a lot more than admitted. It takes equal time to order a pizza and a salad, trust me Dominos always has a larger queue than a salad bar. A Beverage and a Juice cost the same in terms of time and price if you are willing to put in an effort.


it is literally impossible to say NO to Friday social gatherings

unless you are working in a dry industry a Friday gathering is nothing else than a night with drinks. Fitness and booze we all know are not in harmony, however you cannot go on shooting Beer pitchers for health every day. Learn to enjoy the fine taste of straight liquors. While jack with coke may be superfine to relish the drink, it is also super sugary and will make you have more calories in the evening alone than what is consumed in a entire day.

You are motivated, eating healthy, its time you go and workout. If treadmills and Iron don’t excite you, maybe something more interactive will. Involving ourselves in any form of physical activity helps release cortisol and produce endorphins body’s natural painkillers. Companies have realized the importance of work-life balance and there are many plans that can benefit you provided you sit and enjoy them rather than making presentations. If smoking helps you carve down pressure a long walk also can, provided you give it a chance.

                                                                             Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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