Alcoholic Spirits and Calories


Its Friday “step aside Java, it’s time for liquor”.

Friday calls for an end of a strenuous work week and there is nothing wrong with having a drink to relax the nerves. Alcoholic Spirits are generally related to high calories, Binge Eating, bloated belly, hangover, absurd decisions; watch out your consumption to avoid regrets next morning.

Alcohol and calories:

Second, only to FAT alcohol contains 7 calories per gram as compared to Fat which contains 9 calories per gram; proteins and carbs stand at 4 calories per gram. Alcoholic drinks come with a fairly large proportion of carbohydrates making the matters worse for individuals looking to lose weight.

Calorie chart for drinks: –

1 Beer(250 Ml Glass): 145-160 Calories.

1 Vodka(25 ml): 65 Calories (+Coca : 120-125 Calories)

1 Whiskey(25ml) + Lemonade: 75 Calories (+Coca: 130 Calories)

Glass of Red Wine(150 ml): 125 calories

Glass of White Wine(150 ml): 120 calories

Rum and Coca: 130 Calories

Dry vermouth(50 ML):82 calories

Sweet Vermouth(50 ML): 76 Calories

Champagne(120ml): 84 calories

Martini( 60 ml): 110 calories


What not to drink in a spirits evening

Put the beer bottle down

If there was a question of worst calorific choices in terms, the answer would have been simple 4 letters BEER. Struck by the heat wave temperatures in south Asia act as a magnet towards Beer. Beer stands amongst the worst choices you can make with spirits if weight loss is in your mind. For each regular bottle consumed, we are looking at around 200 plus calories and all in the form of Carbohydrates or alcohol. Termed as empty calories problem with beer is not only the alcohol but the added carbs/Sugar that comes along with it. 


Though not as bad as beer, wine is still not great. Problem with wine is similar like beer the added calories. The added calories come in the form of carbohydrates/natural sugar from grapes.

What to drink

The best form of alcohol you can have with Fitness in mind is the good old classic spirit. Tequila, vodka, whiskey, Gin; an ounce (approx. 30 ml) of classic spirit contains about 60-70 calories most of which coming from alcohol.  When the drink counter is going above few its best to stick with spirits to keep a check on the calorie counter. Added Sugary Drinks that boost the calories need to stay under stringent check, best is to stick with water/Soda/natural Juices/coconut water.

My favorite: FIRE CRACKER

Irish Whiskey, 1 Shot expresso, Sparkling Water, Ice

Pour some ice into a pint glass

Irish whiskey

Shot expresso

Top it up with Sparkling water

Drink responsibly, stay healthy

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