APPLE SMOOTHIE: Rich till last drop


This blended blessing is rich, smooth, sweet, creamy and an absolute blessing for taste buds.

The entire recipe packs on an approximation less than 200 calories with all sweet part coming from natural sugar. A perfect mix for breaking the ice with your regular water-based protein shake.


  1. Apple (Peeled). Eat the outer coating its good for health.

    Apple Smoothie with sunflower seeds
  2. Half a cup yogurt. Home set Dahi is the best alternative rather than running for a fat-free, gluten-free marketing gimmick.
  3. 100ml Milk.
  4. Nuts, preferably almonds or walnuts 4-5 pieces.
  5. Honey. Purely based on choice. A tbsp houses 70 calories.
  6. Feel the flavors.
  7. Protein (optional). A scoop is more than enough to house your post-workout cover-up.
  8. Beat the summer Fizz Chill.


Sweet and creamy taste a great filler early morning along with breakfast.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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