Are you Getting Enough Vitamin-D


This goes out to all push back recliner lovers who just don’t walk out of air conditioned premise; and if by any chance sun is felt its only while sitting in a sun baked car. One of my dear friend is part of that large group who stay excessively focused on their presentations rather than the presenter.

There is no denying we need to earn handsome to have a lavish lifestyle we desire; but what will be the worth of such lifestyle if we don’t have the furnace to enjoy it. Few years back what came as a surprise from  a state level cricket player and a handsome cross fit athlete was complaints of fatigue and weakness; it felt like shock to hear it from someone who sleeps thinking next morning workout. The problem grew folds when he recently started feeling fatigue all day round; evenings for him were mostly spent lying on a couch and the word life had lost all its meaning. The persistent fatigue turned difficult with passing time and ordinary chores started to feel like scaling Everest.  Medical check-ups showed he was lacking vital nutrients, especially vitamin D a nutrient bones can’t live without.

Why this rising Vitamin D problem??

Sunlight spurs the body to make Vitamin D. Vitamin D is primarily produced in body through cholesterol from Sunlight contacting the skin. In a lifestyle driven by comfort and coziness, there are very few who even log 15 minutes in sun daily. We are looking at a class whose exposure to sun is minimal as majority of the time is spent inside, and physical activity largely means social dining with literally minimal or no activity.

Add to this the spartan guard of natural pollutants; sunlight is just not what it was. (FYI: the light from window pane at your home/work is not of much help)

Diets: Lean is the new culture. Almost half the population in a city lifestyle nowadays is on a diet. Majority of the fitness pundits these days have nothing to showcase in Fitness than a lean physique. Social media is flooded with new and innovative programs to six pack abs, some companies even promise six pack abs without you even hitting a fit station. Deprived food habits are becoming more a problem in terms of Fitness rather than a benefit.

Vitamin D is pivotal to maintain muscle bone density as it helps consume calcium with in the body. It also helps alleviate inflammatory response of white bold cells, Boost production of protein, helps combat common cold and depression.

How to manage Vitamin D

15 minute daily log of sunlight can be a great potential source to avoid vitamin D deficiency. Excessive exposure to sun can be harmful for body so it is critical to do the same cautiously. Early morning hours are the best time to log sun, a 15 minute walk should surely make space in your schedule it it helps give you years extra. Eating farm-fresh eggs, raw dairy products and fatty fish such as wild salmon, mackerel and sardines are good ways to get more vitamin D in your diet. For those NO dairy ones fortified orange juice to do the job for you.


Few minutes of early morning sun bath or bone problems, the choice is yours.


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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