Avoid Lethargy this Rainy Season


If you are feeling sleepy and the entire weekend you have done nothing besides Sleeping don’t be surprised. It’s MONSOON Season

Glad to share the fact that entire South Asian continent has been gripped by the welcomed monsoon shower and the scorching Summer season is history now. The season brings along such a weather ,nothing feels better than hitting the couch and gorging on comfort snacks (If you are a foodie Indian you must be craving for Dumplings right now). The season creates damp and filthy surroundings, term it as a perfect breeding scenario for mosquitoes like dengue and malaria. Weak Immune system and low level of physical activity make your body suspectable to allergies, infections, indigestion and many more health problems. I am no Media Reporter to frighten you, i am a fitness consultant and it’s my job to keep you up and ready all the seasons. Let’s look at few measures we can take to get better of the rains and not letting it bog you down.

1. Hit The Sun, Whenever it Pops

 Deficiency of Vitamin D is starting to become an epidemic for all those related to a corporate working lifestyle. A lifestyle wherein majority of the day is spent in an air-conditioned environment consumption of sun is a myth. It is imperative for all those living a sedentary lifestyle to make sure they take the substantial amount of sunlight either early morning or on weekends. For Monsoons, every time the skies make way for the sun make sure to bake. While the yellow will help raise the spirits, it also helps killing germs and bacteria.

2. Workout

Make sure to not bring even a minutest of change in terms of time and consistency in this season. If the rains don’t allow you to reach out to your exercise place, scrub an activity in-house. The workout is supposed to be something fun; so try Dance, Yoga, Household Chores(that will surely please your family) or try running in a mild drizzle. As we are not going full way in our workout cycle for the coming months make sure to BAN ELEVATORS, LIVE STAIRS.

3. Replenish Water Levels

Humidity hitting 80-90% mark you ought to sweat a lot. Sluggish energy levels and reduced physical activity bring down the liver functioning, thus making the process of toxin flush slow. This leads to a plethora of diseases as taught to me by my mentors, out of the very long stack I have at some point in time had nausea, fever, cough, Dizziness, and constipation. Drinking water becomes more than essential at this point of time to replenish what has been lost in sweat and to also keep the liver functioning to best levels possible.

4. Foods

I might look like a criminal if I say what you are having at a kiosk outside might make you fall ill, trust me the chances are higher.

Let’s look at a list of Foods I think should go in and what should stay out this monsoon season.

Fruits: Stick with Apples, Mangoes(not too many), Pomegranate, Pears. Avoid Watermelon and Muskmelon as they might cause you swelling.

Salt: Stick with low-levels of Salt. Green Vegetables are already salty so don’t shower them with the white blessing. High salt levels will lead to Blood pressure and excessive water retention.

From the grandmother plate Neem, Bitter Gourd(Karela), Turmeric powder(Hadi) helps prevent infections in the body.

Uncertain with the usage of oil outside stick with home cooked food. The taste buds can surely compromise a little bit of craving if health is pivotal for you. Avoid Heavy Oils Sesame Oil, Peanut Oil and Mustard Oil for this season.

Prone to Skin Allergies make sure to miss out that spice box in all your meals.

Heavy Curries, Meat, and Fish are to be avoided especially in monsoon, given the uncertainty of cooking style being used.

Following these guidelines will help you stay safe and healthy during monsoons. Always binge on nutritional food and be hygienic by taking necessary precautionary measures like cleaning your house, washing hands before and after having a meal, etc.

Have a safe and healthy monsoon.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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