Beat the Heat on Weight Scales


Look yourself in the mirror… are your summer ready?? Are you ready for the season of vacations?? If the answer is NO you are probably losing all the summer fun this season. Those extra pounds you had hidden under those overcoats can’t stay there anymore. The rising temperature brings along rising hemlines and shirt sleeves and that pudge can’t hide anymore. Simple ways to flaunt your fashion style this summer.

1. Watch out the coolers

With the soaring temperatures, it’s easy to gulp down few cosmos and margaritas just to stay cool. But before you even pick up that drink, please note all the effort you gave working out since morning is going down the drain with this drink. Choose your Drinks wisely. Stick with low-calorie drinks, avoiding aerated completely. Healthy options like Lassi, Coconut water, Cucumber Water, Fresh Juices.

2. Slaughter the Crap

It’s no brainer and needs no season to be on a checklist. If those Pizzas, pasta, Fried Munching keep on pouring in countlessly, forget this summer you might be looking at next summer. Working out daily doesn’t allow you to consume any kind of food irrespective of the portion. You craft yourself in the kitchen and shape it up in the gym. Switch to home cooking for healthy options and a check on the calorie count. Kiss all those fast food joints a goodbye for now.

3. Cruise with Leafy Vegetables

It is a mere addition to cutting crap; let’s name it as “AXE THE JUNK”. Fill up your plate with green leafy vegetables, vegetables enhance the skin elasticity and help the body to stay full for longer. Substitute your meat and carbohydrate portion with veggies. We are looking at a platter of 3 portion veggies and 1 portion carbohydrates.

4. Juice the Juice

Preserved juices generally tend to contain pretty less nutritional value as compared to fresh juice. You don’t need to think about it a lot, simply imagine a squeezed bottle with a 60-day expiry date. Though fresh juicing is a better option than preserved juices; try consuming raw fruits whenever possible. The nutritional goodies present in the fruits get majorly lost when we squeeze the fruit throwing away the skin.

5. Drink COFFEE not calories

Coffee is great; it speeds your metabolism, gets you that kick to push that extra mile while you are working out. While coffee in itself is not a criminal, but the dairy and sugar that go along with it are nothing less than the Decepticons. Swap your lattes with a healthy option of Green tea, Lemon tea or even black coffee (not for blood pressure patients).

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable
Happy Karma!!!


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