Summer Weight loss Tips


Its summers; those extra pounds you had been hiding behind your chunky sweaters can’t hide anymore. Simple tips for you to live the season of vacation, exotic trips, and margaritas the fit and beautiful way. There is no point walking into a Fad diet that promises weight loss but bores you. The novelty of things you can’t stick with for long wears off as time progress. The reason these dubious diets work is they are complex, set out a magic potion of eliminating foods leading you to cut calories. Stick with things that look good to your eye and have that visceral response for you to stick with it. Even though the pendulum of weight loss is directly proportional to calories consumed vs. burned, there are still some things that can help you expedite the weight loss regime this summers.

1. H2O, more H2O, more H2O

The chemical formula might look simple and heard, however, be rest assured this will echo every time you even think about weight loss. Water helps smooth functioning of the liver which processes fats stored within the body. Dehydration affects the liver functioning; thus slowing down the fat burning rate within the body. So all the sweat you had shed during a workout; might not be delivering you optimal as you are not drinking up.

2. Choose your Drinks wisely

When Temperature across northern parts of the country is nearing half a ton; it’s no surprise to feel the magnetic attraction towards cold beverages. You will not even know the aerated beverage or Mocktail you had given you more calories than a serving of Pasta you have been craving for would have given you. Human Body doesn’t register calories same way from liquids as it does from solid food. While coffee is no harm to body in regular dosages, but the dairy and sugar add-ons that go along with it can be a trap.

3. Workout

If you are on a diet, you are probably working out also (If no, then start it). There is no better way to kick start your weight loss regime than by putting in few hours working out. You don’t have to necessarily go to the gym or a morning run to add a workout to live; simple life changes often prove handy to achieve the fitness goals. Take stairs in your office, walk up to the grocery store, go window shopping, gardening, housecleaning etc. Every effort you put in counts.

4. Avoid Gimmicks

Although Fad Diets might work wonders on you for a short span of time, the results won’t last for long. The moment you move back to normal diet your body will regain shape and probably will gain weight a faster pace. It’s better to start your weight loss regime on a sensible regime rather than a gimmick that might drain you financially and emotionally.
5. Relax
Stress releases cortisol that promotes fat accumulation. High-stress levels can make you hungry, very hungry. High-stress levels often tend to push up the appetite and junk cravings leading to piling on fat within the body. Cortisol release also leads to a lesser production of growth hormone testosterone leading to drop in muscle mass.

                                              Last but by no means least; “Stay Raw and Axe the Junk”

Brace yourself to flaunt your chiseled midsection this summer with these easy to go weight loss tips.
Happy Karma!!!
Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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  1. How can I lower my high cholesterol levels?

    Hi Lifestyle Changes impact a lot in weight loss. Read the full article to look at few changes that can help you achieve more this summers on weight scales.

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