Beginners guide to Workout


Enclosed is the miniature BIBLE for your short term plan to eternal fitness. We assure the attached plan even if partially followed for a short span of time will bring you to the cover of Men’s health or cosmopolitan what so ever you desire. Breaking the herd the trail content has no offering as mentioned in the previous sentences; I will be sharing basic start-up steps and guidelines you should keep in mind if you intend to walk the trail of health. For all my corporate buddies the productivity graph shoots up when you work out; and so does the inclination of opposite sex.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” 

Francis of Assisi

Innumerable is the count off those who start a health routine and fall off from the same in a very short span of time; probably they had no pep. Success of any program, may it be health, professional or personnel completely depends on individual’s interest level for the same. There is no hard rule that you need to hit the GYM necessarily to achieve that Chiseled look. Find a sport or any other activity that interests you may it be gymnasium, football, table tennis or any other for that matter of fact; just make sure you fight your gut out there. You are here because you have a desire for self improvement and are ready to take the pain for future gains. Starters to a gymnasium are often treated with a small cardio session followed by a complete muscle training program for a month within which they lose interest and it’s time to ask for refunds from Gymnasium. Ripped abdominal muscles are just the outer layer; one should focus on health as a lifestyle.

Comfort Zone: – Moving out of the comfort zone is a daunting task and excuses of boredom, tiredness, meeting etc will surely find their way to the top of being the most justifiable answer. Make sure to start slow with a gradually increasing curve; minor amendments stay under the radar of consciousness both for mind and body. Meteoric rise in demand from your body makes you feel lethargic leading to reduced productivity in all other areas of life; so what will you do off such health SLEEP with it. Start taking brisk walks in morning gradually increasing it to a jog and then eventually sprinting. I did not start smashing drag flicks from the first day; I trained years to become the primary choice for drag flicking in my sport.


Ego: There are more chances of you getting crushed by your EGO than by Decepticons (Enemies). Irrespective of the routine you follow, keep your ego aside. You have started it and if you intend to nobody can stop you from beating those around you. Let your passion be your driver.

Quality not quantity: – Make sure to get the postures correct else injuries will be your best friend. Injuries are hard to cure and can be severe; however injuries only happen when your mind loses control. If you know you can pull 40 kilos then there is no point flaunting an 80 kilo bench press.

Keep Moving: Keep walking; make sure the next workout you do tomorrow will be a little extra from what you did today.

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