Best time for Cardio Exercise

Manu Arora
Manu Arora

Steady State Workout, Fat burning Zone, High Intensity training; the workout world is flooded with Stories, concepts and myths that can bury you with no clarification. As always I am a commoner with common workouts, so none of my workouts would advise to sprint in the morning @4 am while ending the day with a heavy weightlifting session in the evening. Time is one of the most essential commodity in life so I don’t expect ma readers to spend hours sprinting and pulling weights until you train with intent to win Gold in 2016 RIO or 2020 Tokyo Olympics or any other that stature events.

No matter what your workout aim is Sports Fitness, Marathon Training, Mass gaining, Ripped Core or General Fitness for that matter of fact; no schedule would be termed complete if it misses cardio sessions. From health benefits to endurance levels, Cardio workouts are the backbone of your workout routine and Healthy Life for that matter of Fact.

It is senseless to go out and run a street marathon or kick start your workout with a 10 minute session on Treadmill, cycle and Cross Trainer or baselessly pull weights with no vision. It is imperative to plan and access your aim before you go out and start sweating.

I will make sure I don’t make you go through a bible and still not come to a conclusion to the question asked. Let’s access our body first before we pen down a decision to workout morning or evening, pre or post a weightlifting session. Our body has a source of energy that is to be utilized in the workout session we intend to pursue. The session pursued first will have more output as body will have more energy to feed the same. So if a cardio session is pursued first it will be done at a higher energy level and will have a good output vice versa if a weightlifting or abdominal session is done first; we will always be able to deliver more results in the same as compared to the ones we pursue later in our routine. When we speak about a session we are talking about a fully fledged routine may it be weightlifting or cardio, please don’t consider a 5 minute walk or cycling as a cardio session.

So I intend to lose weight and am at a starting stage. Best routine for such an aspirant would be to hit the cardio first and then weights, with both the sessions equally split.

I am lean and am looking to pile on muscles. Best routine for such an aspirant any day would be too hit the weights, give his/her best output and later put in some cardio to maintain the body endurance levels.

Ladies who generally don’t intend to pile on muscles like men do should stick to cardio then weights. The goal is to stay lean rather than men to flaunt their pictures while kissing bicep balls.

The tricky group, those working out since long and are regular to the gym. If you exercise once a day it is in best interest to pursue weight lifting and then follow it with a 15 minute steady state cardio. By steady state you should intend to keep your heart rate at 65-70% level of max out state. Pursuing cardio pre-weightlifting session makes the body consume heavy glycogen levels thus depleting the energy that might be needed for that heavy weight session.

Higher the intensity and duration of your cardio more muscle you will lose; Maintain a heart rate of 65-70% of your maxed out state and put in cardio sessions 4-5 times a week for best results. Make sure to change the exercise schedule to increase body flexibility and endurance levels.

                                                                   Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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