Best Workout time for Working Professionals

best time to workout

Client presentations, annual targets, internal paperwork; there is lot on table of every working professional. Add to it family and social time the day clock goes beyond the 25th hour. Asking someone to fit a workout regime in this schedule is nothing less than adding gasoline to fire.

While professional and personal responsibilities hold their due position in our lives, taking care of ourselves in midst of these commitments is equally critical too. Taking care of one’s own body in the form of exercise helps the body stay active and rejuvenated for long. Exercising has been scientifically related to lowering of stress levels in human body, which is slowly becoming the biggest culprit of disturbed mental health. Not to mention feeling good and looking presentable is the key to sales in every industry. At the end of the day we all are selling something or the other to someone.

So, with the identification of chaos and presentations let’s look at what are the options available in terms of time frame to fit in a workout. There are few who lace up before the crack of dawn, while there are others who just can’t imagine walking out @6am.

After work: –


It’s a wonderful time to engage in a high intensity workout like Kick-Boxing, Taekwondo or racquetball. The body stays in a warmed-up state and this tends to improve your performance ability.

Be sure to focus on stretching after an intense workout, this can be done using a combination of static and dynamic stretches. To enhance the possibilities for your warm down, try stretching on some stall bars which allow for greater versatility while increasing mobility and strength.

You have successfully ended your day and need not worry about ancillary stuff anymore.


Not many of us corporate millennials are looking to box in UBC.

You risk making the excuse I am tired, I can’t workout today.



You are expected to be like a freshly brewed beer.

No work commitments at this hour of the day to impede you from workout.

Can be adjusted to allow for plenty of time to get your workout in


If you’re not a morning person, getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult, especially on daily basis.

My Opinion:

I believe going to the gym prior hitting office is the best time. This offers ample time to complete the workout and gives a sense of accomplishment before I set in for daily battles.

Ultimately, the best time to exercise is the one you can sustain too. The key to balancing work and fitness regime is to find a plan that can be adhered to for the long term

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!


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