Breakfast: Alchemy to a Healthy Day


It is an undisputable fact people who ate healthy breakfast regularly battled lesser on the weight scales, rather than those who skipped breakfast. One common thing about all those difficult digestible things or commonly termed as high-calorie Food is; they find a spot only in breakfast. Research across the world has proven people who miss breakfast generally tend to lag the race of weight management as they are prone to snacking and munching.  It’s no surprise on a busy morning when we are running late for work, the first thing that contributes to time-saving is breakfast time.

Foods to Kickstart an ideal day:-

  1. Coffee

Trust me this one is tricky and before you even know you would have gulped down calories worth 2 ice cream cones if you don’t play smart with coffee. A frappe for the morning caffeine buzz with Diamond Milk and Sugar, you are half way down the battle. If it is imperative as a habit to get that caffeine into the system choose non-fat, unsweetened coffee.

      2. Eggs

If there is a list of weight loss, eggs do find their space. Readily available, nominal pricing, High on Protein(avoid yolk for fat) and other healthy nutrients, high on Choline which triggers the body not to store fat around the liver. People who have had eggs daily as a breakfast have shown dramatic weight loss results.


     3. Cottage Cheese

Often Overlooked over its cousin, Greek Yogurt, cottage cheese has still not found its potential position as a breakfast item in the menu card. Cottage cheese needs to be consumed with caution make sure to choose a low-fat option or try making it at home from skimmed milk. Mixing it with Fruits or Stir Frying it with Vegetables can be the best filling healthy protein breakfast you can feed your body.

Given the fact I am a vegetarian I will not be able to comment on Turkey, Greek Salomon, and Bacon; but have heard a lot about them and their protein contents.

     4. Fruits

You just don’t call fruits as superfoods for your diet. The plethora of options you have available there is more than enough to add flavors and break the monotonic feeling.  Do not run for fruits with a flashy name or that are nonseasonal. Avocado is great for weight loss but trust me living in North India one can easily tell the fruits nor local nor seasonal. Choose the fruits options wisely, while bananas can be good for health but they are to be consumed in limited amounts. Cycle Fruits Daily to add variety to your meal.

As a matter of fact, fancy foods in the coming time will be replaced by Local Foods. Local foods will be future superfoods.

My favorite

Chick Pea + Brown Rice + NO salt + No Oil

black chickpeas salad

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  1. The link between breakfast eating and weight loss is weak. Correlation doesn’t mean causation. The fact that most successful dieters eat breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean that eating breakfast causes weight loss. What is more, studies about breakfast are far from conclusive. Almost all of the studies that find a positive correlation are observational studies. The only long-term, carefully controlled trial that I am aware of was published in 1992 and had mixed results. Some people lost weight by avoiding breakfast and some others by starting to eat breakfast. You need to find out what works for you personally.

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