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A quality mattress is the most basic requirement in your bedroom as it not only provides a good quality sleep but also ensures that the rest of the day is not spoilt due to grogginess. There are numerous types of mattresses and choosing the best one that helps you sleep comfortably is essential in this fast-paced world as people don’t find time to sleep. Quality sleep enables you to lead a healthy life and also perform better at work. There are many factors to consider when buying a mattress and there are numerous brands to choose from, find below some of the different kinds of mattresses.

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Memory foam mattress:

This type of mattress contains many layers of foam which prevents sagging but also helps it stay firm. The top layer is made of temperature sensitive material and hence more expensive when compared to other types of mattresses. But due to the memory foam the shape of the mattress changes as per your body shape. A disadvantage with this type of mattress is that it tends to become warm. Memory foam mattress is the best mattress for stomach & side sleepers as it provides comfort and body support along with having different density. It also absorbs movement and thus does not affect your sleep if your partner tosses and turns in sleep. WakeFit memory foam mattress is the best rated and the most popular mattress online and offline.

Latex mattress:

These are made from natural rubber or synthetic variety. The latex is created by two processes Dunlop and Talalay and both have unique features. The commonality in both is that they are bouncy but firm. The latex queen mattress is one of the popular varieties, but, in general, the latex mattresses are much heavier than the other types and the weight depends on the material that it is made of as well as the density. It doesn’t end here, Latex mattresses can make you pay through the nose!

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Innerspring mattress:

It is available in local markets. An inner spring mattress with a coil count less than 390 may sound cheaper but will not give you enough support to the body. These mattresses also tend to be on the heavier side. The wool, foam or fibre used in these is the perfect home for dust mites and hence this is also a major concern. The lack of movement separation can also be a factor that you need to consider before buying this mattress.

Waterbed mattress:

Water is the primary material used here. The upholstery material is made of foam or fibers on top of a rectangular water chamber. Based on the state of the water there are two types: the free-flow where the flow of water is unrestricted from one side to other or limited-flow wave-less chamber where the movement is restricted by fibers. Waterbeds are more expensive, have high maintenance and difficult to move around. There is also a possibility of accidental leakage which makes waterbeds a not-so-safe option.

Mattress comfort is very subjective but the best mattress is one that does not leave you with aches and pains when you wake up and does not inconvenience the person sleeping. Evaluate your current mattress if it is not providing enough comfort, a new and best king size mattress is likely to provide a better quality sleep.

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