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It is indeed a fact that irrespective of the place you are in South Asia, you are never away from a steaming cup of tea. The bootstrapped entrepreneurship ventures have brought in the culture of remote offices, often based out of coffee cafes. Walking into a coffee bar you are braced with an aroma of Caffeine, comfortable sitting, dim lighting, a motivated-enthusiastic group of people intrigued in something or the other, an experience to enjoy and savor.

The problem with coffee cafes is not the coffee but the plethora of munching options they sell with a smile. The moment you walk up to the counter of any coffee house the view is nothing different from this.

coffee cafes

Faced with muffins, sandwiches, cookies, pastries at POS; the average joe is left helpless on how to choose a health-friendly roast of joe. Confronted with Moca-Coca-Frap-lat-VanLat, it’s as difficult as choosing a travel agent to Mars. Inspired by thoughts and experience here is my list of choices you can make next time you walk into a coffee bar.

Stick to Basics

Flavors aren’t made with love and sparkles. Flavors are chemically synthesized and stabilized to help preserve food and make them edible. While Banana and Banana chips might be marketed in the same category. But the later takes a lot to be preserved for 6 months, which in raw would darken in 10 minutes. Intending to steer free from unhealthy choices at a coffee house; clean coffee or tea is your best go to bet. Add your own additions as per choices. Where a packet of Sugar is 1 teaspoon a shot of syrup in 1 tablespoon. The Gimmick plays out such that it sounds detrimental to add 6 packets of sugar and feels alright to add 2 shots of Syrup. Its best to limit the premix sachets to half as that directly reduces the flavor calories to half. Coffees like Café Mocha, Irish Coffee or Frappe are a typical example as these are loaded with Chocolate sauce and cream for taste.


For the freelancers-Limit the Java

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a modern-day freelancer you probably are spending more time in cafes than your home. Excessive coffee leads to dehydration and decreases iron consumption within the body which leads to anemia. It’s best to stop after one coffee and then move over to a water-based drink or an herbal tea for your follow-up beverage.

Java Alternates

Looking to keep up with the socialization part and just not a coffee person, make good choices like these.

  • Iced matcha green tea : Iced tea made from green tea
  • Matcha green tea latte : Hot matcha tea with milk
  • Cold-pressed juice : Look for a juice that is mostly made up of green veggies from the cooler case, and labeled “cold-pressed” for maximum nutrition.
  • Sparkling water, seltzer or mineral water

Wind-Up Snacking

high calorie snacks

Increasing revenue targets has been pushing coffee houses to expand the business line which has turned them into new age McDiabetes. And McDonald’s was never considered a healthy joint. As coffee houses are not a food serving joint, the majority of the food served is packaged and preserved.  While we show diligence while buying package snacks at stores,, the same in best interest we should apply for packed food served in joints. It’s nice to snack but not worth if minuscule size calories 500 calories.

Dry Fruits/Fruits don’t make a cake healthy

There is nothing nutritious about cakes or pastries. Irrespective of the number of Fruits you might top it up a cake needs a lot of sugar and butter to achieve the desired layering effect. Don’t be fooled with naming conventions like “Dry-Fruit Cake” or “Fruit Pastry”, we as a marketer need to hit the mental stimulus.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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