Common Sugar Names on Ingredient Labels


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]rrespective of the diet you follow (if it’s not one that makes you eat till you lose its charm) sugar always remains as a category that must be depleted. While pundits might engage in fiercely contrasting views when it comes to diet plans with arguments on the content of Fat, or time of meal, even to have a meal or not; it’s not uncommon to see clashing reports. However, Sugar has always stayed as a content that needs to be deleted irrespective of whatever diet plan you follow.

[pullquote-right]Don’t be surprised If you come to know that breakfast cereal you ate in the name of healthy contains more than your daily recommended sugar level.[/pullquote-right]
Most of the sugar we consume these days is hidden in processed foods, which marketers make sure is never known to us. The real content is hidden behind what is called as power words in marketing. Sugar goes under different names so it’s very difficult to figure out how much it contains.


Sugar naturally occurring in foods like fruits, vegetables and dairy is good for health, but sugars removed from the original source and added to foods is what causes the complications.

Glucose: Most important source of energy in the body. The body’s most preferred source of energy Glucose if also called as blood sugar as it circulates in the blood. Our body processes most of the carbohydrates we consume into glucose to be used as energy immediately or stored in muscle cells or liver as glycogen for later use.

Most of the packaged food items contains fructose as a sweetener probably by the name of “cane Juice” or “palm sugar”. Fructose is primary of sugar found in fruit, however its properties vary when it is eaten in a fruit as opposed to being an added sugar in processed food. In raw fruit fructose is encased with fiber which affects the metabolism of the body. The fiber helps lower down glycemic index down thus slowing down access to liver unlike when it is free.

Lactose: natural sugar found in dairy products is called Lactose. Sugar found in plain milk is natural sugar ad not free sugar. However in flavored milks free sugar is added to lactose for taste.

Added Sugar (Free sugar): packaged food often has added levels of sugar to enhance taste, flavor, shelf life and other properties of the product.  While reading the labels, it is essential to check the ingredients list and look out for sugar or surrogate names in the list.

Table sugar is formed by linking 2 sugar molecules. While linking 2 sugar molecules the body responds to glucose content in the usual manner using it up for energy. Fructose the other half will provide the extra energy which if not needed will be poured into fat synthesis.

List of added sugar names in processed and packed foods:-



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