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Gone are the days when rugged look was the best look when it comes to men. While I personally cannot go to a mani-pedi for the most handsome look of my life, I can surely spend some basic time to look better and well-groomed. I have a bald head and super tanned skin. While I have embraced bald head as that’s genetic and goes with my body type; facial worries are something I think I can correct. Beauty products for me rarely go well, since I spend obnoxiously high time in the sun and how much strong a routine I follow at the end of the day I am super tanned. Call it inertia or loss of faith, the reality for me and beauty products end at a face wash. But deep down I have a fascination for shiny skin, the fascination might be subsided but its there. While I do accept the fact that its a shitty mistake I am doing by comparing myself to others on a beauty scale, rather than a human scale. But spending some money on yourself is not that bad in the end. 

Here’s a review to my latest purchase of  Skincare products from Skin Kraft. I have Oily tanned skin, with large exposure to sun due to my sporting commitments to go along with a harsh skincare routine. Me being Me, I am strapped of time to put too much into the routine. Skin Kraft happened to be filling all the voids in my skincare. Skincare against Sun, Face cleanser for dull skin, and also the routine was 10 mins long at a maximum per day. 10 minutes, you would say any part of your daily routine that’s manageable.

A detailed regimen was shared along with an explanation, that was too techy. But I got overall. I had a Cleanser, Moisturizing serum and Cleansing serum.

Skin Kraft

The products recommended to me were:

  1. Syndet Face cleanser.
  2. Barrier Repair Serum
  3. Skin Lightening Serum


The packaging is super awesome. My products were packed in a blue box, and the box in itself displayed a class of the product. If you are DIY enthusiast, you can put the box to great use. All the products come in a pump applicator, so it’s largely very easy from an application standpoint.


The products work really well to be honest. Cleanser was the best part and it gave me an appropriate level of cleanliness, plus doing away with the excess Oil my face produces. Lightening serum would not be a great review, because when i was using it was peak winters and since the run is rarely out and the face is also covered, so i will not pass a perfect verdict on the same.

The team is in constant touch with you to seek your opinion and talk about your progress which is great when it comes to a brand follow up point. Kudos to the effort there.


From a pricing point of view, the product I feel needs correction. I personally felt the figures were high for a monthly skincare regimen. irrespective if it makes me look like Leonarda Di Capri, I cant just shell that much. A slight bit of correction there, and it could become a gourmet product for me.

Overall: 4.3/5

The products are good but the pricing can be corrected.

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