Diet chart glitters are not Gold


Pulling up weights at gym yesterday brought something in my mind which was amazing and depressing. The fact was I could not do weighted squats with 100 kilos of weight and frankly there was a time when 100 kilos was like rub of fingers.

Today it’s about the thought of fitness and health; are you a fit person, are you a healthy person or are you a HOAX of fitness.  One needs to clearly understand the aim before designing a 222 [70021]workout program or set a goal before he jumps into the crazy pool of fitness freaks. The fact is so many articles and blogs on how to lose weight, diet crashers have made people so worried that they have started losing charm from their life.  Fitness industry nowadays is so excessively focused on weight loss and muscle toning that the core pillar of a person’s recognition has become his physique. The fact of the matter is six pack abs is considered as a trademark to be recognized as extremely fit, however we should never forget ripped abs is only the outer structure and what matters more is the core strength one has inside. Many people I come across who look lean and well built but are frequently injured, suffer joint pains, and struggle with weight management, constipation and many other biological problems.

One needs to understand the basic difference between fit and healthy. Fitness is related to a specific sport however health is overall. If I am a field hockey player my speed is my forte however that cannot be the parameter to judge my fitness level. Fitness is a measure to check my capability to perform a task whereas health is my capability to withstand diseases and viruses and also to perform in rigorous situations.

The ideology one should carry is to stay healthy when you are not focusing

on a specific sport. If you want to lose weight and you go on a crash diet, believe it or not you have lost the health battle. What’s visible on scales should never be used as a parameter to judge ones health and strength. Let’s talk practical, there is a difference between chest and man boobs. If you have man boobs and you think going on a diet will help you reduce those man boobs; please make a note you are on the wrong path. I agree to the fact it will help a bit, but you need to understand you need to avoid oil in that case and work out few push-ups and bench press.

Fitness is measured in vanity terms, who would have ever discussed USAIN BOLT’s fitness, had he not proved it on the speed guns. Health is measured in terms of cholesterol level, health rate, blood pressure and many physical factors.

The article comes in lieu of the health blunders people have started making in their lives. A person who can withstand rigors of life or periods of excessive physical strength will always survive larger and stay healthy as compared to an individual who can only do 20 push-ups as if he is running on a battery.

Special Forces and Army are a clear example of the fact that muscles do not matter it’s the core that matters. Focus on core strength rather than tapes and scales.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma


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