Dieting Mistakes that lead to failure

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a topic that needs to special introduction. I have had many people walking up to me I am limiting foods but still unable to lose weight. For starters, the biggest mistake one could make is to go on a diet,focus on creating a healthy lifestyle rather than creating a 3 Months to Juggernaut diet plan. From my experience, you are making one or more of the following mistakes if you are on a diet and still unable to see good results.

  1. Rapid changes

A big mistake people make when making diet plans is to make rapid and spontaneous changes. You as an individual are bound to give knee jerk reaction if you were asked to change your lifestyle completely overnight. Focus on Tweaking minor changes day in day out and developing a habit of healthy lifestyle which becomes a part of the larger picture.

  1. Calorie count is an obsession


It is normal till the time your habits don’t become an obsession. With the growth of wearable technology and digital media we have become addicted towards maintain a journal of what we consume, when we consume and how much was the intake. However, benefits of holding a journal last till the time it is not an obsession to you, else such acts take away the charm from your space. Focus on consuming nutritional food in the right quantities. Learn how to read nutrition labels and how to differentiate between Low calorie and a marketing gimmick.

  1. Loose Fat Not Muscle

Dieting is only part of the weight loss equation; the other important part is exercise. You are on an intense diet plan along with a high intensity cardio regime you are bound to lose muscle along with Fat. Restricting diet without adding workout might show you some immediate goals but will surely not take you far down the road. It is pivotal to have a high calorie diet (good calories) and a resistance training regime if you wish to carve a tight and toned body shape.

  1. You are not eating enough

This is one the most common mistake and I am more than happy to admit I myself have done it. In my Graduation days where every day I wanted to feel the core I did an extreme level cut which did backfire and I started having injuries.

Human body’s metabolism slows down as you start feeding it lesser and lesser. If in a job, I was used to working for 5 hours shifting to a 9-hour job will be difficult for me. The key to weight loss is to check your Basic Metabolic rate and pen down the number of calories you need per day.  Until and unless it’s a do or die situation and you have too loose weight, the ideal weight loss range stands between 2-3 pounds per week. There is a level of loss that can happen do not try to bend your backs beyond that.

  1. It’s a lifestyle not a plan

The common sales jargons “Fat to Fit in 3 weeks”, “28 days to Six pack” are marketing gimmicks to attract you for an impulsive buy. There is no plausible deniability that these don’t work, these do work just that you cannot continue with them beyond a point of time. Meteoric downfall of weight on starvation diet is always associated with a bounce back rise as we move to the normal diet. A 2 week Aerobics or Zumba plan will not help you scale heights, it should be 3-4 days a week every week.

                                                               Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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  1. Those are some sensible words read today. But then how to measure the basic metabolic rate!!

    1. Hey,

      You can use any of the calculators online and get an approximate number of how many calories you need. What you feel is the real thought that matters. Why dont you share your details to, lets deep dive into the same.


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