Early Morning Water Combinations for Weight loss


Morning can be the make or break to set the tone of the day. Start your day with a constipated stomach, you lose the next 4-5 hours struggling with life. No denying you are also doomed in workout that day. Contrary a light-headed empty stomach might even make you feel an urge to challenge Usain for a run. Almost 70% of human body is comprised of water, and its effects on the mechanism is undeniable. H2O not only works to quench our thirst but also plays a great deal of role in human body mechanism. Drinking water early morning while you are on empty stomach is the best start you can give to the day. Water empty stomach helps in bowel movement, fluxing out toxins from urine and raise our metabolic rate substantially leading to weight loss.

Empty stomach lukewarm water has a great medicinal effect on the digestive system of the body. Add certain other dietary items and you can see a substantial spike to your metabolism and body energy level. 5 water combinations for weight loss and a perfect head start for the day.

  1. Garlic

My personal favorite hands down. Surely not the best idea for your breath, but the many health benefits it provides surely outweighs the small breath part.  While its place in Indian culinary is irreplaceable, its off great benefit when taken in raw form empty stomach along with lukewarm water. Garlic is a strong natural antibiotic which produces strong healing properties within body to fight bacteria. It also helps in maintaining a smoother digestive system thus helping in weight loss round the year.

garlic and water

  1. Lemon and Honey

lemon and water

This one needs no detailed introduction and probably is one of the most popular early morning drinks. Both lemon and honey contain strong detox properties, which when combined make an excellent health tonic. The drink increases stomach acid production, facilitating the breakdown of food materials and absorption of nutrients with in the body. The diuretic properties of lemon help you flush toxins at regular intervals leading to fat loss from the body. Honey a tablespoon is 70 calories, skip it if you are on a stringent cut cycle.


  1. ACV-Apple cider vinegar

Various citations are being shared that ACV has been used since ancient ages is being used for digestive distress; honestly speaking I heard it a few years ago. Probably I skipped few history classes too.

One tablespoon along with 10-12 ounces along with water is a terrific way to kick-start your day. The key to ACV is its alkaline property. Apple cider vinegar being alkaline in nature helps maintain PH level thus reducing acidity in the body. This one comes in handy as our millennial lifestyle is filled with drinks like Java and Spirits which cause indigestion in body. Apple cider vinegar also helps to remove toxins and bad cholesterol from the body.

  1. Green Tea (For early morning Coffee or Tea lovers)

green tea vs water

This is a blessing switch for one and all who can’t start their day without a cup of cappuccino. Like any typical modern day overworked-drained employee, smell of java feels like heaven. While caffeine works great on the temporary high, the steep decline that follows it can leave you helpless. Java also causes anxiety, jitteriness, and palpations. Caffeine leads to production of acid in the body which is damaging to stomach’s internal lining and causes heartburns.

  1. Cinnamon and Honey

Start with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and half a tablespoon of honey to get used to taste. The combination is effective for weight loss, acne, bladder infections, immune system, digestion, and bad breath.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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