Embracing Male Baldness (And How to Rule It)

Embracing Baldness

Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel have a look at these guys once.

It happens to one and all, early to some late to others. By the age of 35 almost three-quarter of male population experiences baldness or a receding hairline.  And by the age we retire (60 in India), more than 85% of the men have significantly experienced male pattern baldness. And Frankly, it’s a shocker when it happens to someone at teenage (That’s me). Next, to losing wood, nothing is more shocking to men than a receding hairline. After all, at the end of the day who wants to have a bland same style entire life, we all wish to try fashion. Losing hair can zap the confidence of a perfectly normal man everywhere.

Just because we are becoming challenged in the follicular department doesn’t mean we must surrender to confidence & clothing. This article is intended to share information and insights of my journey from a shy teenager who felt like world crumbling with every falling hair, to a confident male who gives a thin to hairs (make a judgment by the enclosed picture).


Why Hair loss?

All men progressively loose hair as they grow older, for some it’s far more visible than others. For most of us, it’s simply a matter of genetics. Almost 95% of the cases for receding hairline are hereditary, it can be from your paternal or maternal side. If you have someone on either side whose temple is visible, you are probably heading north.

Other factors though minor contributors are health, lifestyle, stress, smoking. If your diet lacks sufficient Omega-3 Fatty acids or is vitamin B deficient you might see thinning of hairs followed by complete barren lands.

Feeling Stressed at work?? Once the stuff hits the fan, relax and squeeze a stress ball.

Assess and Act:

If you are on this page chances are you have started seeing the temple shine on your head and you need to reach a comfort zone.

Consult with your barber for a hairstyle that can help you hide the temples. Retreating hairlines at the temple, or loss of hair at crown; hairstyles can help you conceal the thinning and make the artwork for you. Artwork buys you time to work chemistry on the scalp.


it’s time to make a sprint to your nearest dermatologist and evaluate the hair boosting powers of chemistry. The market is saturated with volumizing shampoos, medicines, creams all to help you cover the shiny dome. By the time you will finish reading this article, google would populate sponsored ads across your social media channels on hair products.

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Lastly, hair transplants continue to be a viable option for receding hairlines and thinning hair. Also, expensive hair transplantation technology has come a long way. They now use microfollicular units comprising up to three hairs at a time to create a full natural hairline. It takes about 6 months and the hairs generally stick for about 10-15 odd years. The process can be very expensive and in the end futile.


Balding as a teenager:

Unlike other bodily problems hair loss is something, we have the least control over. It’s not a medical condition that will send you in flight mode, so no literally cares much about it. Elders will tell you everything is Ok because they are already mid-40 and no one cares about their hair. It’s that time of life when instead of thriving for our life goals we get stuck in a loop of fighting our own self-esteem, introversion, and feelings of unattractive.  It can literally rob you from pursuing life goals or woman you love. If you are in this stage and you don’t change how you think, you will lose your life surrendered to confidence.

I have learnt a lot over the years on baldness, from that shy guy who used to always worry about hairs to a complete bald muscular lad. Embracing baldness is a confidence booster that will take you way ahead in your personal life.

Dealing with receding hairline is not about what’s on the head, it’s about what’s in the mind.

  1. Give a Damn

Your worth as a man is never tied to how much hair there is on your head. Till the time you don’t make a fuss about it nobody else does. Not just male pattern baldness, but a shaved head is now an active choice and is popping up everywhere. Talking about attractive, dominance naturally balding men have trumped in both the categories. No doubt a bald head makes you look +4-5 years on the age bar, but trust me a half head never makes you look sober either.

  1. Attractive and confident

This might be my personal take on this but bald hair pattern makes you feel confident and powerful as compared to a half head. Receding hairline feels like an amorphous bloc who just gets mingled in the group having a passable personality. Going to a complete bald hair pattern helps you stop worrying about how your hair is looking, or is the other person liking it or not; to a complete I give a damn.

  1. Get Buzzed

Your barber, Derma, Pharma companies will keep ripping you off monies till the time your wish for hair is not satiated. While styling and chemical can slow down the rate of loss, reality can never be changed. Treatments will only delay the process, its best the early you come to terms with it. Take out those clippers set the mark to 1. Wash your head thoroughly, pat dry and then it’s time to clip till the last head subtle.

You might be wondering how does a guy’s opinion matter in this case, as the effort is to impress ladies. Like every lad in 20’s, I did my internet research looking for woman reviews on balding hair. The crux of the story came out something like this “hair is nice, but when it comes down to it, women respond to personality” 

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

Disclaimer: Material contained on this website is for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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