Essence of Pre-Workout meal


This article goes out to all morning birds who hit the gym first thing in the day. I am personally one of those who prefer a morning workout; given the day end is never fixed nor are the party brunches. Morning time is just the ideal time to work out if you are on a weight loss streak; however evenings are the times to hit weights.

Mornings post a long rest time body generally tends to feel fatigue and lazy leading to reduced performance. If you wish to equal horse power like a Ferrari you need to put in the right fuel before you hit the gym.
I will not share with you a long complex carbohydrate, Insulin Bible but the crux is simple; eat heavy stay lethargic, eat light stay healthy. The essence is to keep the blood circulating, fatigue sidelined and full power when you hit those squats. 30 minutes is the ideal time before you start your workout to consume an ideal pre-workout meal. As we are not here to stay fit not be a bulky bouncer I would advise to stick to a banana or apple if nothing else is available.

The best response your body gives to your workouts is at the starting stage where you define the sketch. Make sure to leave no stone upturned. Although fruits are an ideal way to start however many find foods heavy to consume early morning. My personnel best was a bunch of Almonds and a bowl of Curd but there are other alternatives also. Try to keep the portion low to keep you steady, remember we are snacking it’s not a meal.
Oats, Fruits, Curd, Yogurt (home set Dahi should be your bet), whole Grain bread slice are other good options to stick up your belly prior to the workout.


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