Fight Bloating


“Aaj khaane do bas, aat mat rokna. 2 Butter Naan Please”

For those who do not understand Hindi the line said: Let me eat today dun stop me. Please bring 2 Gram Flour Roasted Breads. It’s time for country to hit its wedding season peak; the traffic is choked, Dancing people convoys are at every corner of the city, the happiness of people is a sight to behold. The Dal Makhani and Gulab Jamun at the wedding were amazing and I could not resist; is a common sentence we all shoot more often than desired in our lifestyle. The night goes well but next morning Bun in the Owen feeling kills the fun of last night. Bloating is one common problem not only in the wedding season but generally from our Indian foods as the preparation is based on loads’ of spices and different oils.

I will not go deep into the solutions like cut protein, raw veggies, dun eat this eat that. Let’s look at some simple ways to fight the bloat problem.


easily available has been known for its anti acidic benefits since long within the society. The food also has other benefits like fighting ulcer, reducing foul order from body, reduce acne, quick digestion.

Coconut Water:

There is a reason if celebs drink this lot. High on nutritional value, easily available Coconut water aids in beating the dreaded bloat.


Popularly known as Kadduu (कद्दू) is highly recommended for its anti-bloating properties. Easily available in any market across the nation; the foods needs no introduction and is popular among for kids for being not so preferred food.

Avoid Soda

excess sodium or any aerated drinks as much as possible till the time the stomach eases out.
Peppermint tea, Green Tea or even a glass of Hot water can do the trick to easing out the stomach. If possible try and accommodating a walk to digest; even better if the gastric issue is thought of as a working Monday after a long weekend.

Avoid heavy foods

stick to lighter fruits like watermelon, papaya, cucumber for the next meal. There can be stereotypic list of heavy foods or light different systems respond differently and we all know what makes us feel heavy.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable!!!

Happy Karma


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