Fitness Hacks for the Working Professionals


Wake Up and Run, these two words probably sum up the life of a working professional, entrepreneur or a parent. As a working professional, we get so involved in work and work related schedules that we tend to undermine other aspects of life. There is always a sense of panic, stress and deadlines that prevails and everything that is work related takes a priority. We tend to forget that our body and mind are going through regular stress and exhaustion to keep up with the schedules. We work in shifts and a lot of times either skip meals or overeat it. Stress taxation often leads us to spirit store for relaxation. Working hours are combined with snacking to keep us going.

Being a budding entrepreneur myself and a working professional I recite the slogan “see the possibilities and make it happen”.

Being fit is not about bench-marking a surf board core as a thought for Fitness. The picture we see is of a fitness model and that is his profession. Just like his proficiency in automation/banking/Management is a little less than your so would be yours in Fitness as compared to him. Being a fit professional means getting the basics right, eating clean and working out a little.

Get the basics right: –

  1. Never say No to Breakfast

NEVER Skip It!!!

Whether heading out to the gym or work breakfast is the meal that will make you keep going for the next few hours in the day. As working professionals generally, start the day early and have a substantial gap till lunch, breakfast is the priority meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will make you feel low on energy and sluggish for the early part of the day. Skipping meals is also a primary cause of unwanted desk munching that happens across the day.

The same bowl of oats will take life out of your breakfast, make sure to innovate your breakfast menu to stick with it.

  1. Don’t skip meals

Breakfast, Mid-day meal, Lunch, evening snack and dinner; there are 5 meals you need to have in a day and make sure you have them all. Skipping meals causes gastric trouble within the body and pushes us towards unhealthy snacking or overeating in the next meals. Specifically, in Summers make sure to keep your meals small and frequent. The human body produces heat to digest the food eaten, add the excess heat it to the outside temperature you are probably building a furnace.  Eating small and meaningful meals increases the metabolic rate and reduces the overall calorie intake.

A meal should be a meal, make sure to take a substantial amount of food so you don’t feel starved or are mindfully only focused on food rather than the job in hand.

  1. Shop and Stock healthy work snacks

Its 5 in the evening, the day is heading towards its last leg you have ordered a coffee just to refresh and are a little hungry. Evening tea is the time when majority of the working professional pile on the most and probably worst of calories in the day. From muffins to cookies, dumplings to Samosa to probably Maggi; the category of food we are talking is majorly trans-fat and excessive carbohydrates.

Keep your desk and stores packed with healthy snacking options to binge on while you work. Keep them within reach and make sure to pack healthy so that you can consume guilt free. Doing away with unwanted desk munching can help reduce substantial amount of unhealthy daily calorie intake.

  1. It’s a Meal eat it like one

Irrespective of the amount of work you have in hand, never have your meal on a desk with your eyes glued to the monitor. While eating, it is essential to focus on the food and enjoy it. Food break is not only for energy but it also helps you destress from your daily life routine and rejuvenate for the tasks in hand. Mindful eating not only affects the portion you consume but also helps the body absorb vital nutrients within itself.   

  1. H2O

Sitting in an air-conditioned environment all day long we tend to drink less amount of water all day long. Irrespective of the conditions you are living in one should follow the 8*8 daily drinking water law (approximate 2 liters). Make sure to stay hydrated all day long and carry a water bottle whenever you travel.

Water can also be your magical weight loss potion if you apply wisdom to consumption.

Drink half a liter of water daily morning with half a lemon squeezed in it. Freshly squeezed lemon has medicinal values and benefits in cleaning body, reducing uric acid from joints, stimulating liver and improves digestion.  Please be advised while the miniature lemon packaged water bottles are an easy to go formula but their health benefits are not up to the mark as compared to a freshly squeezed one.

Caution: lemon water might eat away tooth enamel if consumed on regular basis. Try consuming water with a straw so it gets pushed to the back of your mouth or swish your mouth with clean water post drinking lemon water.

  1. Count Your Sugar

Kuch Meetha hona chahiye”. Every festive, family gatheri

Relax and focus on the burger, mails will keep on coming.. 🙂

ng, official gathering or colleagues happy gathering sweets are a must in India. Be conscious when you consume sweets in such a case, you never know when you start from a Burfee, go to a gulab jamun and end at an ice cream.

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