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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost of the sports and fitness companies will make you believe that all your fitness goals are achievable provided you have the right set of Gadget, the latest athletic attire, the right set of inspirational quote on your t-shirt. Ironically from their point of view the same applies whether you are training for a local street game or Olympics. New clothing or gadgets might act as a great influencer for #Fitnessmotivation during the first day you get them, but that spark will die down as things get old.

Fitness (or Health) is much more than a set of new gadgets or fancy clothing to motivate you to hit the fitness center. It’s about accepting that it’s not just the surface look of stuff that holds you back like of lack of time, work pressure, travel time, tired/exhausted, instead the real reasons for such apathy lies deep within you.

Current state

The general population mindset that walks into a fitness center these days is for WEIGHT LOSS. It’s been long I have met an individual who began his fitness journey with a thought different from weight loss for six packs or muscular gain for a bulky look. We believe that once we obtain that ideal dream body of ours we have imagined will love ourselves and our life. The thought zaps out energy from individuals and sidelines the fact that every effort made today has made you stronger, fitter, smarter, fundamentally quick then yesterday. We fail to understand that Fitness is much more than looks, scales or the emotions we feel.

Agree to it

Whatever physical share you are in is a result of thousands of habitual actions performed by you throughout your life. Nor did the weight gain/loss of shape/Discomfort happen overnight, nor will it go away overnight. “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” is not possible.

Fitness is a journey not a destination. Quick weight loss instant muscle gain is nothing more than a marketing gimmick which will die down as soon as you hit the road of normalcy. You must create a sound plan; a plan which is feasible both nutritionally and monetarily.

Things you need to change: –

  1. Go after your personal best

There is a sense of empowerment which comes from working towards a specific goal and achieving it. Once you begin to train with focus on getting stronger rather than stressing over the way you look, your training becomes productive and efficient. The entire energy in this place is placed on performing better than you yesterday rather than focusing blindly on a goal far from you. The sense of achievement helps you respect, appreciate, respect and love your body more breaking the myth of mental barriers.

There will be a day where you would compete with your personal best which would be as high as an Olympic record.

  1. Make sustainable changes

You must find ways of eating and exercising that fits along with your lifestyle. Find ways that go along with your lifestyle else you might not be able to sustain them for long. This goes out for both workouts and diets.

While the fad diet might give you, an instant result making you feel more confident as you suddenly start brisk walking towards your goal; STOP right there and do a reality check. For how long can you sustain a no carbs/High Fat/Don’t eat till you die diet.

Its pivotal to make changes you can adhere to for long as these changes will be your lifestyle now.

  1. One-Size Fits all

Your weight never tells you about what’s going on at the biochemical level.

Scales are just a snapshot of what’s going on at below the surface when it comes to motivation, performance. An X weight might only tell you about how many kilos you carry but surely doesn’t tell you the bifurcation of muscle or Fat within your body. For a perfect example, at a height of 5”10 weight at 81 Kilos with a body Fat percentage of 12% and my BMI 25.9(Obese); and trust me you can surf on my mid-section.


Armed with a lot of awareness and information you can do a reality check on whether you are on the right path of change or are you experiencing some roadblocks you should eradicate.

Shift your focus from scales and focus on how you feel this will help you get rid of the stress and focus more on programming you better.

  1. Crawl, Walk, Run and probably then Marathon

Last Sunday you took a resolution to stay fit and this Sunday you are going out for a Marathon. In most likelihood, next Sunday, you will be seen at a sports bar rather than sports field.

The number one reasons individuals fall in their fitness resolution is the sudden meteoric changes they make to their lifestyle. From a 7 am wake up you shifted it to 5 am, from a 3000-calorie decent diet its now a 1200 calorie cry when you eat diet, Friday evenings from Double with ice is now a tomato soup; Instead you have incarnated Buddhist Supernatural meditation techniques 90 out of 100 times you were destined to fail in this.

Overhauling yourself with extreme diet and exercise plans can be a daunting task and might take zap away the zeal. It is best advised to make small changes you can adapt to in the long run which can be cultivated into a habit.

  1. Label Positive language

Your Belief becomes your Thoughts,

Your Thoughts become your Words.

Language has a huge part to play when it comes to achievement or keeping the individuals pepped up. If you fall in the category of “I Can’t” attitude you are surely setting you up for a fall […]

In the case of Health and Fitness you often see individuals citing “I can’t change”, “I don’t eat but I am still gaining”, “there is no point changing”. Instead of finding out the cause of the problem you have done your necessary labeling the pessimistic way.
Focus on positive thoughts and language nothing is impossible ever. So, if you think “I can’t change” think “change is possible”; “I don’t eat but I am still gaining” think “probably I need to check what I am eating”.


Difference of the thought is what changes the game.

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