Fitness Tips for the Acting Community


Perhaps, you are a part of the acting community and noticed that you are simply not getting enough exercise to stay healthy. Every actor should work hard to maintain their health. However, you and many other people in the acting profession might burst with motivation to make time for acting classes, but lack motivation to attend exercise classes or even to go for a brisk walk around the park. Perhaps, it’s just difficult for you to feel motivated to exercise after a long day at auditions, reading lines, or pumping yourself up for interviews. The fact is that a good physical workout only takes a few minutes per day and is great to soothe your nerves and keep fit.

Exercise Until It Burns

Perhaps, you lack the motivation to exercise because you assume that you have to keep working out until it burns or for several hours at a time. This is one of those old myths about exercise that were perpetrated by so called “fitness experts” more than a decade ago. The fact is that if you are able to devote about 30 minutes a day to physical activity or exercise, you’ll start feeling amazing, more fit, and less stressed. Stick to aerobics or strength exercising, add a bit of cardio, at least twice per week.


Healthy Meals

The average actor is feeling very fatigued after a long, stressful day looking for their next acting gig or taking day long acting classes. Often, acting classes are full of intense drama and drain your energy. Certainly, you are excited over attending the classes and pleased with developing this close connection to the acting community. However, acting is very fatiguing. Afterwards, you stop by a fast food restaurant and consume unhealthy processed food. Instead, fill the refrigerator with finger foods that include cut up vegetables and fruits. Drink healthy juices and more water. Avoid processed food, sugar laden food, and reduce your caffeine intake. Search for restaurants in your area that serve healthy meals.

healthy meals

The Exercise Challenge

The fact is that you are probably the type of person that thrives best on a challenge. After all, you chose acting as a profession. Acting is a profession that is for the fearless that welcome daily challenges. Therefore, a great motivator for you and others begins with seeking out a friend to join you in your quest to exercise more and to get fit. A little competition might motivate you to even higher goals. Find an actor friend that is in the same physical shape or just a bit better. Start working out together. Certainly, it’s human nature to try and best your friend. Soon, you will see new improvements physically and mentally.

Certainly, you realize that acting is a very stressing occupation. Try to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy meals, always take time out daily for some form of physical exercise. Don’t go overboard and try to attempt everything at one time. Perhaps, you might start by simply walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, riding your bike to auditions, or reading more encouraging articles about health.

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