Fitness Trends 2019- Pep Up your Fitness Staples


While the core of Fitness remains concrete (eat fewer calories, burn more); trends shake up the fitness staples every year. 2018 was a year of Cult Fit commercials, Group activities, Corporate sporting events, fall of wearable technology; 2019 looks to slightly alter the trend on crazy workout and greater emphasis on recovery.

Top fitness trends to watch out in 2019: –

  1. Sustainable Fitness

Personality misfits happen when we try to imitate someone we do not resemble. Chiseled core and Bulk structures are no more driving factors towards Fitness. The vision will dramatically skew towards feeling better and living a dynamic lifestyle. Millennials or more specifically corporate professionals is to enhance mobility, musculature, and fitness to carry out daily routines in a pain-free manner.

  1. Yoga

The ancient practice has been on many lists for long and is not going anywhere. Yoga has long been reinventing itself and will be the go-to remedy for lifestyle problems people are forced with due to excessive driving, typing, working hours.




  1. Wearable Technology

It came in as a rage bombarding the market; unfortunately feel through with leaps and bounces. Blame it on the manufacturers or inaccurate technology, tech and fitness are set to change the face of Fitness in 2019. Expect your trackers and monitors to be accurate, sophisticated, less radiation emitting, lightweight and a perfect fashion accessory.

  1. Workplace Culture

If you are to spend half of your wake hours working for an organization, its organization’s responsibility to give back. Individual Health is no more a personal matter and we are lined to see dramatic changes in the same. Companies irrespective of the size will focus more and more towards employee wellness through group activities, membership discounts, in-house equipment’s.

  1. Watch out Social Media space

social media feed

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat- your social media is set to see a lot of content around Health-Fitness-Individual achievements. A sense of achievement and motivation is what people are driving by posting content on social media. It was also come forward to form Tribes helping people connect with like-minded individuals.

  1. Round the clock Fitness centers

Your work hours should not limit your access to a fitness facility. Fitness centers are likely to operate longer hours, as globalization has diluted the Nine to Six Work hour concept. Access to fitness facilities will be round the clock and not bound by local morning and evening times.

round the clock

  1. Sleep Deprived?

Individual performance and decision-making capacity reduces by 25-30% if he/she is sleep deprived or not getting enough rest. If your sleep patterns are out of whack its near to impossible to achieve personal and professional goals. It’s time you get the regular rest hours to revive, wind down and perform better.

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