Five Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

If you are happy walking in to work every day, consider this not worthy read for you. If not, here is some advice on how to strike a harmony between professional and personal life.

Going off the grid for days/weeks/months might sound as the best way to achieve elusive work-life balance; but is the thought even a reality? What if we can’t afford to jet off to a remote island, can’t box our smart phones in a box?

Here are six doable sanity savings strategies that can make out life a lot less stresRelated imagesful:

  1. E-Mail [ ]

Let the box remain un-read.

The very basic thing one can do to relieve stress levels is to get the number out of it. While technology has helped us a lot in enhancing communication and productivity in various forms of life. But it has also created expectations of round the clock availability. Notifications often interrupt in your personal time while sending an undercurrent of stress.

  1. Lunch Break

While it might not sound comprehensive but lunch breaks play a pivotal role in managing stress and health at the workplace. Habits of eating out Al Desko pushes us deeper into our stress zones. The best way to change the thought or relieve the stress is to change the environment. Go out to the cafeteria, or in the garden, or probably out for a lunch; meaningful lunches help go a long way on managing work performance.

lunch break

  1. Shut Down Laptop & acknowledge Day end

It’s a beautiful mid-week day you have planned drinks with your friends, you shut down the laptop, finish a to-do list and left. Focus on the thought of switching it off and ending the day. Dragging on the same thoughts deep inside your mind while you are off work will be all harm no benefit to you. Closure is a big theme to strike work-life balance chords, else you might soon see a drain out. Take a slow breath and acknowledge that you’ve left. If you can’t do that at the office door, when you’re getting a train or bus and the door closes, imagine that’s the end of your working day.

  1. Digital detoxification

One of the biggest barriers to being creative is stress. The best of results often come to those who have the clearest of vision. Finding a way to reduce stress is important and the simplest way to do that is to stay away from stress-inducing things. From technology to multi-end connectivity, advancement of science has helped us in various forms of life. But the advancement has also created expectations of constant availability. Make every minute of your personal time worth it. Develop habits of resilience and stay away from responding to interruptions when you are not at work.

  1. Avoid perfection

If you wish to avoid burn-outs let go off the thought off perfectionism. Work is a never-ending canvas where sky is the limit. As life gets expanded it is very difficult to both psychologically and mentally to keep the bull’s eye aim going. Work is a never-ending journey, strive for excellence not for perfection.

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