Food Combinations to Avoid


The order in which we eat different categories of food, how we combine them, and the amount we consume, determines how well we consume the nutrients of the food. Every Food has its distinct taste and harmony, combining foods with contradictory energies taxes the digestive system, leading to Health problems. While individuals metabolism truly determines how well or poorly a food is digested, food combinations also hold critical significance. Wrong food combinations produce indigestion, bloating, fermentation, gas and feeds disease within the human body.

While it might be certainly impossible to follow the ideal Ayurveda diet chart balance in a modern day lifestyle, often simply developing awareness of popular food combinations is a great place to start. Become aware of common food mistakes you are making and try to analyze bodies response while making the changes.

  • Banana and Milk

Banana Milk shake is a great savory for the summer, but the combination is a sin when it comes to digestion. The combination is one of the heaviest and toxin forming for a human body. Although both the foods have a sweet taste and cooling energy, the post-digestion effect of both are different. The combinations create mucus and allergies for people suffering from asthma.

  • Fruits after Meal

 Fruits are just no combination along with meals. Fruits contain simple sugars which hardly take time and energy for digestion as compared to complex carbohydrates, starches and Fats. The combination which passes easily through the digestive system is detained in the system for long and the sugar in it starts to ferment.

  • Chicken/Mutton/Animal Protein and Carbohydrates

Butter Chicken and Lacha Parantha the true Indian delicacy is worth dying for. Heaviness, Bloating, Gastric is a complimentary gift that comes along with this meal. Proteins and Carbs have a completely different digestion cycle and nature within the body.  The digestion process of starchy foods begins in the mouth as a using an alkaline process, while the digestion of protein begins in the stomach using an acidic process. When the food is combined the body founds it difficult to digest and leads to the creation of toxins and bloating within the body.

  • Fruits and Yogurt

Yogurt contains abundant bacteria which acts on the sugar presents in the fruits. The result is toxins, allergies and cold. Mixing sour fruits with dairy diminishes digestive fire, produces toxins and causes sinus congestion, cold cough, and allergies. However, if you are a die hard lover of Fruit yogurt, use room temperature yogurt and mix a little bit of honey, cinnamon and raisins.

  • Juices and Solid


Eating Fruits/Drinking Fruit Juices along with a meal is a bad habit one should be weary off. Sugar and Salts are of completely opposite nature and create altering affects in the body. Even the common habit of consuming Milk along with a Chappati/Parantha in the morning breakfast is also not a good habit. Create a balance by maintaining gap between liquids and solid meal.

  • Tarbooj and Kharbooja-Melon Family

The love for Melons is worth dying for in the summer season. Melons are perfect foods for humans and they require no digestion whatsoever in the stomach. When mixed with other fruits melon stay for a longer time in the digestive system- leading to slow digestion and bowel movement.

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