Food Trends 2018: What to look out for


Over the last decade evolution of culture across metro cities in India has brought a paradigm shift to dietary habits. Our eating habits have changed dramatically, with our diets being unrecognizable to those of our parents. The Indian youth which few years back looked forward to “Bhutta(Corn)”,Mungfli(Peanuts)“, “Samosa(Fried Dish with savory fillings)” as a evening snack; now craves for a Pizza, Pita pocket, or a muffin. Blame it on entrance of global food chains or regional eateries travelling beyond native places; the way we shop, cook and dine are evolving every year. While 2017 as a year saw the splurge of No Carbs, Water based smoothies, Buddha bowls, avocado craze; food trends 2018 seems to be more adventurous.

2018 will be a year of cross functional Fitness. and if you haven’t noticed it around you, you are probably not connected to the Society. Look around at work or home, look around at supermarkets; from salt to spices we are concerned about all. Menus are marked as Diet or healthy or gluten or grain free or low fat. The food packaging and manufacturing a complete shift.  Millennials are concerned about weight more than ever, from sugar in fruits to iron in greens; everything is getting locked in our fancy gadgets. 2018 will be a year about much more than skinny, it will be an year of long term vision towards a lifestyle.

  1. Traditional roots

Blame it on the rise of lifestyle diseases or strong marketing of food industry, as a blessing we are moving towards our traditional food habits. From Rock Salt to Millets like Jawar, Bajra; traditional foods are making a strong entry back to our kitchen. Not only traditional foods are making entry into our home cooked meals, but also to our munchies.

  1. Farm-to-Table Meals

Era of Superfoods is over. Local foods are new super foods.

It was not too long ago when AVOCADO took over the Indian market in a splurge. It seemed to be like one food that could transform Hulk like conversions overnight. While the international food category still holds its position, the love for local farm produce will see meteoric rise. In opinion it was the biggest blunder we Indians made when incorporating west while being an agrarian economy.

local foods

  1. Sober is the new Drunk

Gone is the generation who lived by liquor as the main constituent of a get together. Millennials have a new age reasons for being sober; Fitness and weight loss for some, Real-authentic relationships for others. Choosing mindfulness over drunkenness seems to gather more substance for conversations among working population.

  1. Veganism

Just like the last decade saw a rise of Animal based products in the Indian market, the coming days seem to be heading towards plant-based foods. This is surely not coming from the fact animal slaughter is barbaric. Health benefits of plant-based foods are becoming popular, from reversing diabetes to making heart healthier; the shift is purely for one’s wellbeing.

The common argument from you would be nomadic people were the strongest and they mostly ate animals. The larger picture of a nomadic lifestyle is completely opposite from our sedentary, drive to work, sit at a desk lifestyle.


  1. 4 Meals a Day

OK my grandfather and father eat 3 meals a day, probably yours also do the same.  Then why should you take 4 meals in a day.

For many of us working professionals the concept of 3 meals just don’t work anymore. We are no monks who could resist any temptations of foods, especially when the world around us is engaging in the same. Add to it we get up early and probably stay up till midnight with a taxing brain rundown.  Food is a metabolism booster and helps replenish lost stores of energy, we need that evening snack strong and heavy to prevent us from munching.  

4 meals a day


2017 was a turbulent year for Fitness in India, lets hope 2018 is even greater and blessed.

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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