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The thought needs no recognition and ask any fitness Pundit; Fitness for life is cultivated in the Kitchen. The fitness world is filled with gimmicks to lure you into a shred plan, showing glimpses of Arnold out of you in less than a month.  Plethora of options on the table are good or bad for you only time can tell; however be rest assured the attached list items will never miss out on any fitness list.

1. Apples

“An apple a Day keeps the doctor away”; the quotation holds true provided you don’t have a apple specific disease. Rich in anti-oxidants and dietary fiber, apples help reduce heart diseases, cancer and stomach related problems.


2. Indian Gooseberry

Packed with high levels of Vitamin C, AMLA is extremely beneficial of Hairs, Eyes, food absorption , diuretic activity and many more. Enhancing food absorption and , body functional nourishment Indian Gooseberry popularly known as AMLA should be must on your go to list. Corporate employees with long system working hours make sure to not miss on it to keep your eyes healthy.

Indian Gooseberry

3. Eggs

A packed house of Lean Protein, Eggs would top the breakfast chart list for all fitness freaks. With Summers round the corner and many slicing belly fat, Eggs is the best protein Snack you can have. Be careful with the YOLK if you have cholesterol levels high in the body.


4. Broccoli

Dozen of Nutrients; undoubtedly the most nutritional punch Vegans can have in their food chart. Stir Fry, Boil, Steam, Salad the choices to use Broccoli are plenty. Cholesterol reduction, antioxidants, Bone Health , Heart Health, Lean Protein the benefit list is long enough for you to make that wise choice.


5. Yogurt(DAHI)

Any  Grandma Recipe will not be complete without a yogurt serving. Trust me on this majority Indian population will feel incomplete in meal if the Yogurt lacks the menu. An ideal post meal sweet dish that packs sweetness that wont harm your cavity and rather help you reduce acid balance in the stomach. For all Ripped Core Freaks, eating half a kilo yogurt in sync with overall calorie cut can help you drop inches from the belly.



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  1. What are the best ways to lose weight?

    Stay Lean on TransFat & Sugar, Regulate carbohydrates, Pump up Protein else ask your specific question.

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