Foods to Avoid in Summers


Hitting mid-April its nothing less than a burning furnace in north India. Google feels like to have saved a prototype which says “it’s going to be hot around”. As mercury levels are on a steep climb and the long summer season that lies ahead, staying fit is going to be a concern for many. While its hot outside there is also more heat generated within the body from the food we eat, which can make a person feel irritable, tired or have trouble while concentrating.

While drinking liquid, coolers or body cooling beverages is crucial to tackle the heat, it’s also critical to eat the right food items to stay fit and healthy this summer. Especially when your body has a hot constitution too much heat can lead to imbalances such as insomnia, inflammation, constipation, just to name a few.

  1. NO Spices

We are a nation known for its spices and curries, but it’s better to avoid spices in the summer season. Spices like Chili, ginger, pepper, cumin seeds, cinnamon are body heating spices while Mint, Coriander, cardamom, saffron are the cooling ones.


  1. Non-Vegetarian

Many Non-Vegetarians foods like red meat, egg, prawns, crab generate excessive heat and drain out the body of the fluid stack. If you are a non-vegetarian lover make sure to cook the meal healthy way and not the local Indian way. Spicy and fried foods generate a lot of body heat which causes the body to drain out.

You cannot surely throw out non-vegetarian from your menu till the next half of the year but its good if we make wise choices in our menu. In layman terms, red meat in considered to be high on cholesterol and unwanted fat while white meats are leaner.

  1. Roasted Foods

It’s a no go season for Tandoori and other roasted items. Roasted items are extremely popular in the northern part of India; however, such food items are by nature hot and can also cause gastric problems.

  1. Choose your fruits wisely

While the love for mangoes need no introduction, but going bizarre on the Indian delicacy can surely give you a hard time in summers. Excessive mangoes can lead to heat pimples amongst children and teenagers. Choose your fruits wisely. Some of the good choices include watermelon, apples, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, and berries

  1. Tea and Coffee

These are beverages that increase heat in the body so they are avoidable. Caffeine and other beverages with sugar can dehydrate your body, making your face flushed.

  1. Alcohol

Yeah we all know this is surely the non-avoidable part given the rigors of professional life, but summers surely need a check on the alcohol we consume.  Alcohol causes dehydration within the body and reduces its ability to tolerate heat leading to heat strokes. However, if you still wish to consume the same shift to cocktails where in the liquid proportion in substantial and alcohol is minimal.

  1. No Nuts

Nuts are heavy in nature, generate a lot of body heat and take a longer time to digest. Dry nuts are surely a winter menu where the body is cool and needs to stay warm. Try replacing nuts with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Summer is fiery, balance yourself to beat the heat.

Happy Karma!!!

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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