Fruits to match your Weight Goals


From Sour to Sweet, Pulpy to Juicy, dry to fibrous the category is endless and mammoth; yes we are talking about fruits. One of the most important part of a healthy lifestyle; fruits are triple the nutritional content from a similar vegetable serving the category is spellbound. The Quote” An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor away” is a self-sufficient example to define the category. There is no avoid list or go to list defined to gain specific benefits out of a fruit, however, the broader classification can help you stay close to your goals. We will look at the category from 3 ways Weight Gain, Weight Loss and Diabetics patient.

Fruits for Weight Gain


Rich in Potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and IRON, banana easily falls in the category of Wonder Fruits. Banana and waistline concept is a little bit tricky and one needs to look at the quantity of the same. Banana is a high-calorie fruit (150 calories per serving) which contains natural sugars which break down into Glucose which provides body energy for basic movements. It’s all about the portion you consume; if you consume a high quantity of banana some part of it will be used as energy by muscles and liver while remaining will be stored as fat in the body.

2. Nuts/ Dry Fruits

With Dry Fruits with quantity comes the condition in which you consume. Larger Calorie content than its counterparts dry fruits are high in energy, sugar, and other nutrients. The category comes out in the market with preloaded salts and sugar to make it more commercial thus making it even more caloric than the real fruit. Consumption should be limited to the amount you can burn else the category will reflect on your weight scales.

3. Mango

All across South Asia mangoes will rise and shine with the summers falling in. The fruit is rich in fire, magnesium, carbs, Protein the fruit is a Super fruit. Mangoes have been in discussion for weight loss, perverting asthma, cancer and other heart diseases, not to forget the cholesterol levels they maintain within the body. With Mango comes a hereditary lifestyle problem; mangoes generally across the country are consumed as a post-meal sweet. Consider the situation of consuming approximately 300 calories post a full meal, where the meal wasn’t planned for those 300. An evening snack consisting of a fruit which we call healthy and consume 300 calories just for fun. Mangoes need a strict regime in terms of quantity and time, plat it wisely.

4. Grapes

Keep on pilling them for nutritional value and you won’t even be able to pin down, why is the gain happening on such a strict diet. Packed with rich antioxidant properties, grapes are great for heart problems, cancer, and Diabetics. A cup of grapes is equivalent to your daily fruit intake required by the body if we are referring to nutritional aspects of fruits. The Math is simple, eat too much of calories worth of grapes and your weight loss goals will be at bay by and large.

We just spoke about weight gain, which you would find not even 10% population looking at. Let’s analyze fruits to help you shed pounds and maintain you waistline.

  1. AppleDSC04282

Cited first in February 1886 “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” ; the citation still echo’s in almost all discussions. Centuries have passed by the novelty of the proverb still with holds its position. Immunity, vitamins, High Fiber, Low-Calorie Value; Apple tops the chart of must eat fruits for a healthy life.

2. Pears

Packed fiber power house; pears contain approximately 20% of your daily suggested fiber amount. The extremely high amount of Fiber helps the body stay full helping counter the unplanned snacking between the meals. With Several Vitamins, Minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties Pears take the second position for  an ideal weight loss fruit.

3. Watermelon

Its summers across the Southern Asia and it’s officially the season of Watermelon. Extremely high water content and least calories; watermelon is your either go to fruit if you are a portion person helping you stay full for longer periods. Add the high-level arginine content that leads to weight loss; watermelon stands at the third position.


Literally Fiber. Sweet and Sour in taste a packed house of Fiber, Kiwi can be eaten from the shell. Seeds packing insoluble fiber and fruit containing soluble fiber, Kiwi makes you feel dull. The fruit is great to take care of your Hemoglobin  levels if you have a deficiency of the same.

5. Coconut

The high level of saturated fats in the fruit has made a common perception of “Blocked” for the fruit, but the truth of the matter is the saturated fats in coconut are not the ones we are looking to avoid. Chain of triglycerides helps shoot up the metabolic rate up by approximately 30%, thus creating an expedited weight loss process. Available in various forms like Oil, Water, Flour or even as a dry fruit; one can consume coconut in variety of ways.


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