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 Modern Food processing techniques have made seasonality a word with no relevance in the open food market. But the way nature had designed it prior to the time cold storages were invented, Foods and vegetables were seasonal and had their open space and time. On that note, sticking with food that is grown locally and pertains to the seasonal cycle is the best bet to be consumed if HEALTH is on your mind. Summer is no season for INDIAN GOOSEBERRY; you will find the same berry priced at 200-300 Rs/Kg which on the contrary comes at 10% of its summer cost in winters.

Eating locally grown helps cut down on travel miles, emission and preservatives, last but by no means least you dive less deep in pockets for the same. What many health companies currently pack and sell as a super food is nothing but a nicely packaged grandma recipe. In this era of digitization where we are constantly bombarded with data and write-ups, it becomes difficult as a consumer to make a good judge. A genuine piece of advice, consume all but filter well.

Let’s explore what comes to the table when we eat locally.

  • Fresh

If eaten local, what you just ate was probably grown is a farm less than a 1000 miles max from your house. For people based out of North India, a drive within the Himalayan range means juicy Green Apples priced at 40-50 Rs/Kg; the same comes at double the price in a local market. When produce doesn’t travel the country or Continent it means high nutrition value. No denying food that has travelled also has nutritional value, but a lot of it is lost when exposed to artificial light, cold freezes, pre-ripped cut. Food produced for the local market is cut in its prime ripeness for best taste and value.

  • Seasonal

Following the natural flow of diversity as designed by nature is the best you can offer to your body. Seasonally grown food has its own nutritional value which is needed by the body. With the introduction Supermarkets and Hyper Markets, it is impossible to know what fruit or veggie is seasonal, but it is critical as a user to maintain a balance. In North India Mustard leaves and corn flour bread is diehard blessings for taste lovers in winters. Try the same in Summers and you might not relish the same. If the name sounds absurd it’s SARSON KA SAAG & MAKKE DI ROTI.sarson-ka-saag-and-makki-ki-roti

  • Stay Locally Engaged

Decolonization of Diet is becoming a pivotal contributor to rising health problems amongst people. The food that is not locally grown is treated with artificial sugars, unhealthy fats to increase the longevity of the product given the fact it has to travel. Food is Medication and every medication has its own ability to counter situations. If your body was in need for something to keep you warm from inside and not realizing you have fed it with a TROPICAL ICEBERG. The micronutrients and nutritional value of the current food chain is lost in the modern way of food processing and you can never be sure of contamination as the food travels miles. Consuming locally grown food helps consumers and producers connect and provide a financially stable market.

                                                                      Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                              Happy Karma!!!

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