Get that Tequila out of Sunrise


LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU DRUNK, so why should we not enjoy it. We slog ourselves the entire week, may it be personnel, professional, financial or stock markets; mental tension has fixed its spot in our mind. In this complicated world we all are worried about something or the other; while some crib about their manager others crib about salary, for some hike other designation. It’s perfectly fine to indulge in social parties now or then; but the fun loses its charm next morning with those unpleasant mornings, abnormal bowel movements, lazy, sluggish body. For a person like me no Drink is complete if it is not accompanied with buttery Indian FOOD. If you are a health freak the problem is catastrophic counting the calories and burning the fat next day. Please note there is no concept of over working-out a heavy meal; don’t try it; one single meal will not make you FAT just like one good meal will not make you lean. Bounce back from insurmountable hangover with these lean and healthy dietary options.

  1. Coconut water:

    anyone can swear by it there is no better cure than coconut water to cure the splash of water on green coconut isolated on whitedehydrated body post a long party. Packed with potassium which is the key nutrient to feeling better; coconut water should be your 1st go to solution in a state of Hangover.


  1. High protein breakfast:

    This has been my favourite choice since long and gets me back to pace in quick time. You might not call it lip-smacking in taste, but trust me if you consider health as a lifestyle there is no better choice than this. The attached picture contains Broccoli, carrot, Cottage-Cheese, Beans, Indian Gooseberry, capsicum a little pesto sauce boiled in water for 10 minutes. Any green vegetable you find at your home just boil those together for 10 minutes and your breakfast is ready. This meal fills you up helping you to avoid over-eat, ultimately reducing the calorie intake. In case you workout daily, this should get you ready by the evening to pump the IRON again.


  1. Eggs:-

    Packed with Proteins, easy on the stomach plus good amount of Cysteine; eggs can help mop up the toxins from your body. Be careful with the Yolk; you would not want to pile on excessive cholesterol.\

  2. Hydration

    is the key to deflating the puffiness post a night of indulgence. Sports Drinks, Soups, Caffeine (limited), Fruits, Fruit Juice and Green Tea are good choices as all of these would help keep the body hydrated.

  3. Salt

    Keep track of the salt you contain the next few days if you intend to avoid the balloon belly. Salt causes you to retain water which should be in the last of your priority list post the heavy cakes, cookies and Johny walker. Trust me i can’t live with that feel of uneasy trousers due to bloating.

  4. Dumplings, Indian breads, Fats, Cheese: Try the family of all these at your own risk.

Please don’t consider me as someone who advocates ALCOHOL, but i surely don’t refrain from it now and then. Avoid medication till the time you don’t need it and try these raw stuffs to get your body moving.


                                                                   Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

                                                                            Happy Karma!!!


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