High Sugar Foods we eat daily


Cutting back on sugar is probably the diet De jour these days, but there is lot more than the regular sweets and coffee sugar we need to check. If you are cutting down on regular sugary foods, you might be lured to think you are clear of the sugar radar but you still might be […]

Fitness Trackers: Reality vs Fiction


Fitness trackers are the rage these days, especially among the cubic dwellers. It seems like everybody has that fancy gadget on their wrist and are being prodded to walk a few steps more…..a few more steps… a few…more…steps. From design, to modelling, to customization the wearable market has evolved dramatically in a very short span […]

FAD Weight loss: The Real Picture


Though I don’t deny thoughts veterans have penned down for diets, but anti-fad diets like Beach, Atkins, GM and many more have flip side you should not let go unnoticed. Not based on any fancy gimmicks or eating patterns, the thought is simply based on Common sense and the raw life living. This ideal diet […]