Glorifying the Hustle, Ignoring Well-being


Fulfilling the dream of so-called glorious life, many of you like me are up and on our way to the office. Simultaneously, many still in colleges might be sitting down with their potential managers and planning the next 3 decades of their life. Select few will hold the courage to follow their passions, else, by and large, most of us will stay glued to the financial security of a monthly salary, ignoring what else might come in our way.


We are in a society where work is regarded as the pillar of manhood and by far the most important factor of recognition and happiness in life. Passions these days are placed on calendar’s like tomorrow, next long weekend, upcoming birthday/anniversary. In a seemingly endless loop, we have tied our life, all its goals, and happiness around work.

Confused on what counts as “work” and whats “life”? But wait, isn’t work part of life?

Complete opposite results pop-up when one searches the word work-life balance on the internet. While some say strive hard to achieve work-life balance, others say its complete rubbish.

“I personally think that being able to work 996 is a huge blessing,”-Alibaba’s founder  JACK MA

The so-called 996 structure refers to working 9am-9pm for 6 days a week.  Sadly, it is not only Ma who values this thought process, but there are also many who see this long working hour and grind as an empirical part of success. Its believed the one who stays till the last, logs in the most hours is the most efficient individual off the lot.

In the case of Job, no one can underestimate the value of loving your job. In fact, finding a job you love is nothing less than finding eternal happiness in life. That’s not the case for all, surely not for the remaining 95% who are not in a job they love. The remaining lot of professionals is dragging and slogging to make their mark. However, sacrificing the joys of life for a good spike in annual sit-down is not truly the way we should live. Scholars, writers from different schools have quoted the old adage “at the end no one is truly satisfied by the hours they logged in, but by the memories, they made in life”. Perhaps its time we as employees understand the need for valuing our well-being along with professional requirements.

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It’s time we realign the idea of work-life. Time we find happiness beyond work-cubicles. Time we abandon the idea that all sense of well-being can be attained by work, and nothing good comes from pursuing passions.  Work is an integral part of life and helps us achieve financial stability. But finding Balance in life should also be our goal.

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