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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inters have finally arrived in Game of Thrones, Narcos is scheduled for launch of Season 3 in September 2017, Netflix is on an all-time high in south Asian market and Binge watching is a trend we have started living by with. Maybe staying up at night is your work demand, or you don’t want to miss your favorite television program or you’re just up to complete an important assignment; late night cravings are something that follow. While early dinner is a key to great health, but you just can’t go logging late hours at night without feeling hunger and craving for food. Healthy late-night snacking can help you control pounding heavy kilos around your waistline.

If you are going to eat late in night just before bed, pick something relatively light and have some gap before you lay down. The basics of late night meal remain the same. As the metabolic rate slows down due to no or minimal activity at night it is best advised to avoid food that take time to digest. Heavy carbs, Fatty, Sugary, Carbonated or caffeinated are the worst choices we can make as a late-night meal. Along with food also keep a check on your posture, don’t go horizontal immediately after the meal as this will lead to acid reflux and you might have to call it a day early.

Snacking Ideas for those who stay up till late at night: –

1. Hydration

The moment hunger strikes try having a glass of water to rule out if you are hungry or just thirsty. Majority of late night hungers are just a trigger of dehydration. Make sure to grab a big glass of water or a decaf prior to munching just to be sure you were hungry-hungry.

2. PopcornImage result for healthy late night snacks

GREAT SNACK AT NIGHT. If you are binge watching and just need to snack something there is no better bet than popcorn, goes along for hours while filling you up with 100 calories. Avoid butter to keep a check on your daily calorie intake.

3. Cereal

Surely not the best of taste but if health is on your mind compromising a little on taste should not be a problem. The great breakfast snack is also a good late-night snacking option that gives you a feeling of being full. The health pack along with dairy gives you a healthy dose of vital Nutrients and protein.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread along with Eggs, Cottage cheese, Fresh Vegetables, Chicken filling is an easily digestible (depending on your stuffing) snack you can munch on at night. Mayonnaise and flavored sauce need to stay under check to avoid pounding on excess calories from the add-ons.

5. Fruits & Nuts

Fruits are always a good go to bet when it comes to snacking. Seasonal fruits are an excellent choice both in terms of health and to fill the dietary voids created by sedentary lifestyle. Try Freezing a fruit smoothie in an ice tray, the frozen cube will feel like ice cream minus the unwanted calories from preservatives.

6. Sugar free GumSugar Free Gum

Sugar Free gums are a great go to bet when you are not hungry and need something just to chew and kill time. I have been chewing tooth picks through my engineering study days.

7. Yogurt and Fruit

Fruits coming in a with a different taste. For all those dairy lovers, out their Yogurt and fruit are an amazing midnight snacking options for Calorie conscious people.

[pullquote-left]There is a difference between Snacks and a complete meal, anything containing more than 200 calories is considered as a meal.[/pullquote-left] So if you munched on a bowl of Dal-Rice, Rajma-Rice late at night, please don’t consider it as a snack. Heavy Meals will make it hard for you to sleep at night and make you feel lazy and low for the next morning. Be wise in choosing the right amount of snacks and count the calories. Avoid anything that you would want to eat in huge portions. Absolutely avoid rice, alcohol and cold drinks.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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