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Freak Out, its Monday Again!!!

monday blues

Feeling Stressed, Depressed, Anxious? Is Monday morning initiating overwhelming feelings of Anxiety, depression, hopelessness (that’s from my heart)? If you are nodding affirmatively you are a case of Monday morning blues.

Monday morning blues describe a set of negative emotions people (particularly corporate employees) encounter at the start of the workweek. Sluggish workforce at the start of workweek are a serious indication that employees are not engaged & energized towards work or work environment. Trending Hashtags #MondayMotivation, #morningblues on twitter and floating Memes on Facebook are a true indication of Monday blues becoming a cultural phenomenon. If you love your job Monday morning is nothing more than a chance to devote more time to your passion. However, if you walk into a Monday like a zombie with a feeling of revenge & depression you are part of large family called unsatisfied employees. Let’s look at some ways by which we can make Mondays suck less.

Sleep early on Sunday

Fridays and Saturdays are more than enough to give the Liquor Industry, Cinema industry or any other category that falls under leisure taxation business. Sleeping just before dawn and expecting a whole pepped up you by 9, you probably have watched a lot of Hollywood stuff. The best thing you can do to beat the Monday morning blues is hit the hay early. While you might be tempted for 1 more episode on your late-night TV binge (that’s me last night with 13 hours: Secret soldiers of benghazi), a late-night drink to relax the nerves; resist the temptation and get some rest. While you might not have substantial control on the surroundings immediately, you can surely change how you feel when you walk in to a Monday.

Identify the Triggers

Occasional bouts of Monday morning blues you are probably fine, however if you have the feeling Monday sucks every week you should look at it carefully. Monday morning blues are a clear indication that you are unsatisfied with your work and trust me you need to fix it. There might be plethora of reasons for this disappointment, it might be a co-worker, Micro managerial boss, unproductive work or for that matter of fact payout concerns; whatever may be the concern the best solution is to face it hands on.

Good Mental health is the key to having healthy and productive workplace environment. Work related chronic stress is not something that will send you in a fight or flight mode, however its best to seek therapy before the problem aggregates.


[pullquote-right]Still being an Indian and the love of Nation for TEA, I feel my spirits can be easily brought down on a Monday by placing tea cups on edges of Satvik Symbol.[/pullquote-right]The physical and psychological benefits of exercise and nutrition are well-documented. While the other things might take some time and decision making, you surely don’t need to think much for an exercise routine and a gourmet meal. At the start of my professional career I thought off Mondays as a day where wanted to be hooked up on Intravenous(IV) therapy of Coffee. Slowly and gradually i have pushed life into a situation where Mondays and Wednesday Feels the same.

Note down what excites you

Mondays are not to think about the tough week ahead and all the difficult tasks to do. Think of Mondays as a new week ahead to pursue your passions. Turn the mental thought process around and think about things that keep you pepped up. Note down things you wish to do this week and plan out for the same.

Keep Mondays Light

Getting off the weekend grid can be a lot of pain, of course who would love to spend almost half the day in a confined space when the universe is staged to be explored. Schedule the complicated stuff for latter part of the week keeping the start light headed till you get into the groove. Keeping Mondays light and less strenuous will help you get running and ease in for tougher tasks in week ahead.

Mail boxes are for weekdays


Unless super urgent avoid checking mailboxes over the weekend, especially if the matter at hand can wait and needs no urgent attention.  It can be tempting to know what’s waiting for you, but drawing clearly defined boundaries between work and personal time can help keep things in check. To not let work overburden you maintain proper boundaries between work and personal time. It will make you sulk even more if the entire weekend is spent contemplating on this that you do on weekdays.

Have a post-work plan.

Your day shouldn’t just be about trudging through Monday to get it over with, but about looking forward to something. “By making Monday a special day where you get to go out with friends, make your favorite dinner, or eat a bowl of popcorn and catch up on a TV show you recorded, the day doesn’t have to be all about getting up to go into the office,” Friedman says.

Their is no better to start your day than with a smile.

Are there any tips or tactics you implement to make Mondays a little more tolerable? Let me know on Twitter !

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