Hacks to stick with your New Year Resolutions


If 2017 was a bump in the road with your Fitness Resolutions and fell into a odd pitfall, don’t worry. Lets Make 2018 resolutions a reality.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]road category statements “I will eat Clean”, “I will stay Healthy”, “I will workout daily” fall in the category of destined to fail statement. If you were to phrase in corporate Slang, it would be like starting a project with no vision in mind. With no vision we barely have a direction. Specific goals which have a metric of evaluation may it be quantitative or qualitative reap rewards in the long run.

Lifestyle tips to stick with your fitness goals round the year :-

  1. Let’s compete in something

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[pullquote-left]No resolution is worth it if it doesn’t move you out of your comfort zone.[/pullquote-left] Years and Years have gone by and if you haven’t done anything new, please don’t take it heart you have only lingered on in life. The real essence of life lies beyond our comfort zone. Register for a competition in the coming quarter; don’t focus on the stature of the competition but it should be enough to push you a little beyond boundaries. Target gives you a direction and helps measure performance growth.  People living in Metros have something or the other happening every weekend; may it be a corporate league, marathon run, run for charity or a gala dance. You are not short of opportunities to compete for if you wish to do something.

  1. E-Feed needs Sensible choices

A little off the radar but it’s worth a mention: We all corporate junkies have a habit of checking out mobile updates 1st thing in the morning, even with half open eyes we need to check Mails, Messages etc., etc. As per research the worst way to start the day is by feeding yourself with negative thoughts or work/Social pressure.

It just takes a few scrolls on social media too move your inspiration levels from sky rocket to deep burial. Personality misfits happen when we try to imitate someone we do not resemble. Follow Health and Fitness professional with caution. If the content seems to burden you more than motivation, you might be better ticking that unfollow button.

  1. Find a Bud for motivation

It’s always good to have someone with whom you can relate too and share your thoughts. Find someone with similar interests or goals to share accountability and memories as you walk down the memory lane. That someone you tag along with acts as an inspiration through times of struggle, and helps you stick long with your intentions.

  1. Be Real about Carbs

If you have clicked on this Fitness page you are most likely to have read about carbohydrates. As a fitness consultant I fail to understand hate against carbohydrates. Carbohydrates act as a catalyst to your gains and recovery goals, and you just can’t go without them for long. If you intend to go through any modern fad diets for a quick fix you might find devil in carbs else they are nothing less than medicinal for you. Making Carbohydrates work for you

  1. Mid-Day Snacking

Individuals who master mid-day snacking (11am and 4pm) lower the chances of weight gain almost by half. Mastering mid-day snacking pays rich dividends in long run as the unwanted food stays out of the table. Fuel yourself at proper intervals to avoid getting into a situation of starvation, which sets the mood of eat anything that’s in sight irrespective of the label.

  1. Fitness is a journey with no destination

This phrase sets as the perfect example of why not to set into a fad diet. Rather than going for an all-or-nothing approach try to drive a mid-path, a path that is not filled with fire at every corner. Overestimating what you can achieve in short-run and underestimating what you can achieve in long-run is what creates a misfit. Give yourself time and results will reap in, fit is a lifestyle not a plan.


Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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