Muscle without supplements


Fascinated by the pictures of chiselled body structure on magazine covers, want to get a sleek lean structure like that. The fascination is justified, we are men and we just can’t take to be second in any course, especially if it relates to turning on women. The heights of same can be seen in one […]

Fight Bloating


“Aaj khaane do bas, aat mat rokna. 2 Butter Naan Please” For those who do not understand Hindi the line said: Let me eat today dun stop me. Please bring 2 Gram Flour Roasted Breads. It’s time for country to hit its wedding season peak; the traffic is choked, Dancing people convoys are at every […]

Essence of Pre-Workout meal


This article goes out to all morning birds who hit the gym first thing in the day. I am personally one of those who prefer a morning workout; given the day end is never fixed nor are the party brunches. Morning time is just the ideal time to work out if you are on a […]

Carbohydrates: Nutrition and Health Essential


This Article is a special dedication to people who live under the myth that leaving carbohydrates is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. The concept does stand on its word; however the long term repercussions and overall body loss is way beyond the weight loss paradigm. As usual the article I am sharing […]