Healthy Eating and Gifting Diwali


Diwali a profusion of Lights and Sweets.

The nation has lit up like sun and the stage is set for the majestic grandeur of DIWALI. While the historical meaning of Diwali marks the return of Lord Ram to ayodhya along with his wife Goddess Sita, the millennial term it as a festival of light and sweets- and plenty of sweets. Cooks find their creative spark with a “me time in the kitchen. Indian Sweetmeats also referred to as “MITHAIS” are a part of welcome meal, Dessert and confectionary these days. While LAdoos, Barfis, halwas are the popular choices regional choices like Rasgulla, Mava Kachori , Sohan papdi are also not far behind; it is literally impossible to walk out of a household without “ Munn Meetha Kiye”.

While we might endow to live the festivals like the generation of my mother and grandmother but the hard-borne reality is they lived an active lifestyle and ours is sedentary. This Diwali lets pledge to indulge but indulge smart. Instead of Gifting Ourselves Sweets this year, why not gift ourselves a healthy and guilt-free Diwali? Simple healthy eating and gifting tips to smile and make others smile.

  1. Limit the intake

Diwali is a month-long feast that gives sudden shocks to Meals, sleep patterns and Dirking habits. Since we just can’t be a Monk all time long it’s good to indulge smart and limited. Avoid any sort of second helping of your favorite and limit the portion.

Diwali Sweets
  1. Check your Hydration sources

Aerated beverages and Fizzy drinks might help the food move a little below the belly but they at times are harsher than the food.  Juices. Coconut water, Homemade Flavored syrups, infused water, chaach are your best go to bet instead of the regular Fizzy drinks.

  1. Mithai Safety

If it is not made at home, you just can’t say what’s gone into it. Stay away from concept of low-calorie or sugar free mithais, these are often made up of condensed sugar to keep them healthy for long. Try picking up homemade stuff wherever available as the Trustmark is worthier than the one pasted by your local vendor.

  1. Gift health

While the best and widely acceptable gifting choice is a box of sweets, it’s time we change the habit a little. Everybody is overindulging in sweets this season, why not gift someone something different.

  • Fruits

Who doesn’t love a box full of shiny and fresh fruits. Fruits help regulate blood sugar levels and keep the weight gain in check. So you are gifting a blessing in the fruit box to someone. If you are to gift me get me a 5 Kilo watermelon and trust me I will be happier than a 5 kilo Kaju Burfee box.

  • Cookies

Instead of the regular sugar laden wheat or semolina cookies try a healthy but based, fruit based cookies that have a shorter shelf life and are less on raw sugar.

  • Homemade SweetsImage result for homemade diwali sweets

Nothing goes over the effort and love you reflect for someone. This Diwali wear your magic chef cloak and cook something for your family and loved ones. Ditch the elaborate presentations and fancy ingredients and cook at home to ease the aching of sweet tooth.

  1. Walk, whenever you can

    Take a stroll, may it be for shopping, visiting relatives or family. If you can’t workout at least give the stairs a little love of your feet.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy Diwali

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Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

Happy Karma!!!

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