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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]taying energetic at work on Monday mornings can be a real drag. Few hours into the 1st day of week and your eyes are blurry, back is sore and you are probably longing on the upcoming weekend dreams. By no means this article contains a magic wand of Monday motivation that instantly peps you to start loving the day. Avoiding foods that bring lethargy and building habits that help you move forward can go long to maintain workspace Health ergonomics.

  1. Stop the Fad Diet

There is a fad diet for everyone and every stage. The diet by all means is impossible to stick with for long, unless your peace levels are Buddhist priest alike. While it may seem as the easiest way to lose weight by stopping the foods you love and overindulge in; the practical question is how long can you go with it. Picking up foods and habits you don’t like will keep you overindulged in starvation and negative thoughts around it. The key is to find equilibrium wherein  starvation is not the key mantra and also the concerned health questions also go answered.

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  1. Potato Fries at work

Consuming foods high in trans and calories make you feel sluggish during ; add it to a sugary soda and you are destined to be doomed for the day. High calorie foods give a temporary high followed by a sudden crash after the food is absorbed in the blood stream. You are better off consuming a nutritious meal at the start if you wish to stay awake and productive at work.

  1. No Time for Breakfast Syndrome

it’s often a common habit among city people to manage morning delays by cutting off the breakfast time. Having breakfast every morning is a foolproof way to keep your energy levels up at work. Irrespective of the portion size you can accommodate in the lack of time make sure to never skip your breakfast. Breakfast helps you move out of the sleep-friendly energy state.

  1. Healthy Breakfast

Just for the fact you must eat breakfast doesn’t mean you can eat anything for it. Breakfast is needed to help you get out of the sleep friendly zone, not to send you back in another one. Foods low in glycemic index are slowly digested by your body and act as a steady source of energy for the upcoming day in hand.

  1. Moderate Portions

Prefer eating frequent and small portion sizes as this helps keeping the blood sugar in check. Though you might believe Dairy, Rice was the culprit for post lunch sleepy nature but it is overindulging in the portion sizes that causes you the dip. If you wish to see productivity at work manage the portions properly. Keep the big size Meat meals for the weekend or for the evenings.

  1. Add Omega-3 Fatty acids

“Badaam Khaao Dimaag tez hoga” the Indian saying which links productivity of brain cells with almonds is linked with omega-3 fatty acids in almonds.  Omega-3 helps keep the brain cells thriving as well as helps stores carbohydrates as energy rather than Fat.

  1. Post Lunch Coffee

Coffee might give you a temporary high but excessive caffeine hinders overall performance throughout the day.  Coffee being acidic in nature can lead to acid refluxes and heartburns(especially in dummers). For those suffering from gastrointestinal problems coffee acts as an irritant. Too much coffee can hinder mineral absorption and healthy digestion of food.


                                                                             Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable

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